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  1. I dont like it. She looks too tanned so it makes her look ... no very pretty.
  2. More pics and articles: Leonardo DiCaprio & Gerard Butler: Dinner in Italy!: LINK Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys la dolce vita with his mother and actor Gerard Butler as they dine out in Italy: link
  3. Leo said goodbye to Bar long time ago... it is clear that he does not care about Bar. Good for her and her new man.
  4. Absolutely not. and because of it ... I SAID ... if she is happy good for her.
  5. If she is happy good for her. But the man is not handsome.
  6. and according to IMDB, Social Network release date was October october 1, 2.010.
  7. October?? Why october?? December is not a better date for Oscar season??
  8. October?? Why october?? December is not a better date for Oscar season??
  9. go to: http://www.x17online.com/celebrities/leonardo_dicaprio/
  10. He looks handsome but really no very fit. I think he has to take care of his body because of his new role, Gatsby.
  11. He was in Carmel talking about this new project with Clint??? ...
  12. :drool: Leo is not a toy boy and he doesnt like the gym but for Gatsby he must take care of his physical - body no??
  13. Tobey, Ethan and Leo!!! the boys together in Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so funny!
  14. I dont think they are in Carmel. The comment refers to when they were there. Surely they are in NY or LA. The tweet was from June 24th when she said she saw them, so I guess they could be somewhere else like l.a or NY by now. I know L.A isn't to far from Carmel! It is not a tweet. It is an anonymous comment on a gossip site (celebitchy) about Blake baking for Leo.
  15. I dont think they are in Carmel. The comment refers to when they were there. Surely they are in NY or LA.
  16. ... maybe Leo is in a new relation / summer flirt or he is having fun with Blake because he is happy with her and he likes her a lot.
  17. I love this: And if he does star in Django Unchained? I will probably die and go to heaven. Him teaming up with Quentin Tarantino will be the best thing that's happened to me since he teamed up with Christ Nolan! He's just got to team up with David Fincher, and I'll be set... So true! They played poker. They are not being sued. End of the story.
  18. No. But anyway, this possibility is unreal... I'm sure that Leo has no interest in Bar.
  19. Exclusive Video: Why Blake Lively Has Leonardo DiCaprio "Hooked" The way to a man's heart is through his stomach -- just ask Blake Lively, who's been baking up a storm in Leonardo DiCaprio's kitchen, a source tells Us Weekly. Although Lively, 23, and DiCaprio, 36, have only been dating for a few weeks, "she stayed with him in L.A. recently and spent the whole time baking," the source says. "Leo's never dated a girl who can cook. And he's smitten!" The Oscar-nominated star has also cozied up at Lively's NYC pad -- and romanced her yet again in the stunning northern California town of Carmel. ==================================================== Blake Lively Insecure About Leo’s ex girlfriends The Gossip Girl actress apparently feels inadequate. “Blake and Leo are mad for each other but Blake just can’t get over Leo’s past,” says a source close to the actress. “She can’t help but feel Bar and Giselle are hard acts to follow and maybe she’s not worth of Leo’s affections. It’s like she in awe of Leo and his past and no matter what he does to reassure her, Blake still feels the same. It’s turning into a real issue.” link
  20. I would say..."whatever makes him happy,makes us happy". hehe Where's everybody? I mean,just you and me here?hehe I think Leo no longer loves Bar, he is no longer interested in her. Unlike the previous break he continues his life sharing special time with other women. Blake, Anna ... I think he is very clear about his feelings and Bar is no longer part of them.
  21. But she talked about the cast signing!! BarRefaeli twitter: of course! I'm back to being 12 years old! I'm all over the cast signing!
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