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  1. Blake Lively

    With all due respect, I believe everyone here knows this is a Blake forum, but it's not like her friends, family, etc. have ever been off topic. Most of the posts have been about Blake, Hick, Savages, GG, etc. (and Anil has posted many beautiful pix of Blake and other info), but you chose to ignore those. If you want to see posts about Blake's work, try contributing something yourself. Thank you Anil, that's such a cute picture of Ryan. And thank you to everyone who contributes news, photos, etc. It is much appreciated. Oliver Stone has a great new site with many beautiful behind-the-scenes pictures of 'Savages'... The Oliver Stone Experience New Twitter and Facebook accounts: SavagesFilm @Savages @TheOliverStone Official Site More 'Savages' promo in the works... Jake Hamilton ‏ @JakesTakes 1:35 PM - 4 May 12 Just booked SAVAGES interviews with Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Blake Lively, John Travolta, Benecio Del Toro, Salma Hayek & Oliver Stone! An extended trailer for Savages was shown at the annual CinemaCon in Las Vegas last week... liked this reaction elisabeth sereda ‏ @elisabethsereda from Las Vegas, NV 5:27 PM - 26 Apr 12 After having seen an extended trailer for #Savages there is hope that #BlakeLively WILL be saved from that dreadful TVshow...by #OliverStone A couple new clips from 'Hick'... MTV Exclusive In less happy news lol.... looks like Gossip Girl Season 6 is a go. No word on full or half season yet... GG Writers To end on a happy note (for those interested, of course ), Blake and Ryan seem to be going stronger than ever.
  2. Blake Lively

    Thanks for the pix and news! Some Savages bits... Don Winslow ‏ @donwinslow 8:08 AM - 1 May 12 Savages | http://EW.com "''It's just a wholesome story about drugs, sex, and violence..." http://bit.ly/ITHpxO @EW LOL I like sassy Blake. Universal cut a new trailer for Latino audiences, with some brief glimpses of different scenes from the original trailer. The Savages part starts at 1:05: Deadline They also showed an extended cut of the trailer at last week's CinemaCon in Las Vegas -- nice reaction here... elisabeth sereda ‏ @elisabethsereda Apr 26 After having seen an extended trailer for #Savages there is hope that #BlakeLively WILL be saved from that dreadful TVshow...by #OliverStone I've watched the past couple episodes and I'll say it again, the cartoonish characters are entertaining in small doses but they wear out their welcome pretty fast. I feel for Serena, and even Nate, more than the others, because they're not so over the top (or smug like that dork Dan -- and please, can they groom him a little better? It's New York City -- even struggling writers are more stylish than that mess ). And it's hard to take your eyes off Serena. She exudes a natural charisma -- nothing forced about it. Blake did seem under the weather in the last epi (IIRC, it was filmed around the same time she attending the first the Savages screening in NJ), but her weariness suited the role. Serena is tired of chasing down GG and trying to keep up with the games (oh, and I guess she's longing for Dan, but I don't know why ). Anyway, it looks like the GG exec producer is leaving to run Smash -- will be interesting to see if that improves the situation (if they go for a sixth season). Oh wow, those are beautiful. Thanks!
  3. Good stuff on Gatsby and Django -- thanks. Ethan Suplee is at Jazzfest per Twitter so maybe Leo will go...
  4. Blake Lively

    Thanks for the pix! She looks awesome in Hick -- can't wait to see it! Less than a month to go... Oliver Stone on Savages... MTV Michael Ausiello at TV Line on upcoming GG storyline... Michael Ausiello ‏ @MichaelAusiello Serena will be posing as Blair in an episode. It's an awesome twist that should re-ignite some serious shipping wars! 2:05 PM - 18 Apr 12 Sometime GG director Norman Buckley with an amazing compliment for Blake... AngrodTV ‏ @AngrodTV Blake Lively does work best in wide shots with no one else on screen. Nice touch, @norbuck. Norman Buckley ‏ @norbuck @AngrodTV she is iconic, like Garbo. I'm serious. 8:59 AM - 17 Apr 12 NY Daily News says they're still looking at properties and they like Connecticut. Wherever their new home is, I hope they're left alone. Sweet.
  5. Maybe he is still filming? olv ‏ @olv Django Unchained, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is filming at the Evergreen Plantation outside of New Orleans tomorrow 6:08 PM - 22 Apr 12
  6. Blake Lively

    Thanks for all the pix and news! Welcome allienunes and nice to see you again, EternalMagic! Yep -- from Marie Claire, 2009 (Pippa Leo director Rebecca Miller doing the interviewing): She does. I really like the leopard sweater on her. I half watched Gossip Girl last Monday (since Serena is supposed to play a prominent role in the season finale) and it wasn't too bad... at least there was a lot of Blake. I haven't either. Adorable! I wonder if these were high school pix... Penny! Thanks Kat! I miss seeing the pups. She and Baxter seem to have been hiding out lately.
  7. Blake Lively

    Thanks for the pix and the trailers! Omg that trailer was better than even my (already high) expectations! I did not expect Blake to feature so prominently, and she acquitted herself amazingly well. It's a tricky role and her performance rang true throughout. July 6 can't come soon enough! For once, I will not let the haters rain on the parade. Which is getting bigger, btw -- she's getting lots of good attention for this outside of her usual fan base. I won't let that get lost in mess made by the usual suspects. If anything, take their tantrums as a sign that they're feeling more threatened and envious than ever (may Leighton or whomever they stan for get good roles so they can stop feelings so insecure ). Lainey... pffft. She plays a game (badly, I might add) of over-the-top criticism and praise to make herself feel powerful, but her opinion doesn't carry much weight outside of her small group of followers. Movieline, on the other hand, is a more respected publication given to fair and objective opinions with a sense of humor. I like their fun take on the trailer... Yeah, can I have one of those too? I mean, I have one -- but in this case I could always make room for another (Savages style, baby :brows:)
  8. Blake Lively

    Thanks for all the pix and news! Ah that poster is great! And look at Blake front and center -- how cool is that? Stunning indeed. Where does all the ice cream go? Maybe walking Baxter burns a lot of cals... I need to get a dog. One of the GG directors said April 4 is the last day of filming.
  9. Blake Lively

    Is that Soderbergh movie even going forward? It was supposed to start filming in the spring and I haven't heard much about it, which is strange considering it has such big 'stars' now (and Soderbergh is scheduled to direct Liberace and retire by year's end, so it would seem time is of the essence). I understand wanting to see her do more work outside of Gossip Girl, but it seems like she's pretty much worked non-stop these past few years. How many times have we seen her commuting between GG and a movie, with little rest in between? That has to take a toll. She said in the Elle interview that she was ready for a break. And the quality roles and projects for women are few and far between -- and I'm sure it's hard to get auditions, much less win those roles (and even when you win them, it doesn't always work out as we've seen). And there's the obstacles coming from TV and a series like GG... people have a certain image of her. She's almost too famous for the indie world, and yet not quite famous enough for mainstream. She may want more work even more than we want it for her. Or she may be a little burnt out and feels like she needs to take a step back and recharge. Either way, all I can do as a fan is support her. I do think it's great that she has a life outside the business and has found someone to share it with. She has said in interviews that those life experiences are important to / inform her work. And she's not the typical actress -- she planned on going to college not becoming an actress. She has a lot of other interests, and says her "real talent" is cooking. So... Lol yes, all their travels increase the odds of you and other fans seeing her in person.
  10. Blake Lively

    Thanks for the pix and tweets! The Hick poster looks great, and she looks so pretty on the GG set (the best part of the show, really -- seeing set pix of Blake ). I know!!! I loved those tweets. I'm beside myself waiting for the trailer to drop and I hope if features lots and lots of shots of Blake too. I'll hunt Oliver down and cut him if he doesn't So glad this is getting such good reception already though. Appropriate for a movie called Savages, I would say. I'm tempted to go see Safe House again tonight since it's the only R-rated flick from Universal out now and see if the trailer is attached, but they always seem to turn up on line first. Thanks for asking questions, Arya. I'm loving the good response from the test screening audiences on Twitter for the movie and Blake. Don't be ashamed, I bet it will be good for 80's fashions, at the very least, and the show itself might actually be good. You never know with these things... I just don't think it's a prestige project that Blake, Elisabeth Olsen, etc. wanted a part in as the producers would like us to believe. Regarding the lack of outcry from Serena fans for what has been done to the character, I think expectations for the show are so low that a lot of her fans gave up, tuned out and just hope for better things for her outside the show. That would help explain the dive in the ratings....
  11. Blake Lively

    I always chuckle when I see Blake, Elisabeth Olsen or any of the other actresses mentioned, as if they were just dying to sign up to play a teenager on a CW series that's already been dismissed by (SATC creator) Darren Star as a bad idea, and which fans of the original series / characters already have their claws out for. Anyway, thanks for all the news, pix, and vids! Even her doll looks hot. I finally saw GL last weekend on HBO... I can't get into these superhero movies, but I could tell the actors were doing the best they could with what they had to work with, and the stunning beauty of Blake and Ryan was compelling enough to keep me watching to the end. Anil, I know what you mean. At this time last year I barely knew who she was, but I quickly warmed to her personality. The more I read about her and saw her work, the more I liked her. She's got something special. Another interview with GL cast that I hadn't seen before on (for Fandango)And a video of Blake being sweet with a baby on the GG set (it has been posted before, but worth repeating ). Have you checked out this Fan Forum page for spoilers? They were very busy on Friday. None of them work for you, not even the first one on Popscreen? I was hoping Popscreen would be a way to get around MTV.com, since MTV vids never work outside the country (last I heard they were trying to fix that, so maybe they will work someday). I love the way Baxter is ready to hold his ground from the charging lil yappy dogs. Lol maybe she's the reason they're avoiding Vancouver (just kidding -- but I don't expect them to ever cooperate with her, a la Ryan Gosling ). Maybe they will visit after GG wraps filming (next week!) and it warms up. Summer's there are especially beautiful.
  12. Blake Lively

    Thanks valentina for the pic, and for all the tweets, halo! (And if I may, a personal message to any Blake or Ryan impersonators on Facebook or Twitter who might be lurking on this forum -- shame on you for trying to mislead your fellow fans. <_< We all know neither Blake nor Ryan have official Facebook or Twitter accounts.) A rave review for the new version of The Town on Blu-ray.... there are more Blake scenes, and it sounds like they're good ones. Film Intuition Blu-ray Review: The Town (2010) – Ultimate Collector’s Edition: Extended Cut with Alternate Ending (2012 Release) by Jen Johans
  13. Blake Lively

    Thanks for all the pix, tweets and the video! Welcome Arya, Ritzy, and deyepee. And thank you soooooo much for the birthday wishes. (I don't usually mention birthdays, unless there's cake involved , but I'm glad I did ) I'm happy about this not because I want Blake to go off and do more movies or become a movie star or anything like that, if anything television work is more palatable because it ensures a steady source of income. However, the shoddy writing and the illogical storylines have reached a peak that is frankly too embarrassing for all involved. Moreover, Blake's character Serena is one of the most underserved and bizarrely written characters in recent history. That Blake is able to get through filming of an episode with a straight face is a serious testament to her professionalism I swear. Hallelujah and Amen (and another b-day wish granted. ) I hoped that's what would happen.... a full on cancellation would look bad and put the crew out of work immediately. With a shortened season, they will get a chance to go out gracefully and everyone will have time to adjust. Lets see what the writers do with the episodes they have left... maybe having fewer to write and a definitive end in sight will give them more time and help sharpen their focus. I just realized I've never seen Penny in action -- she's even cuter than her pictures.
  14. Blake Lively

    Cherry, with all due respect, I don't believe anyone was referring to you as a hater. They were talking about the references you made to the words of haters. Haters are gonna hate. Happy people are going to move on with their lives. Blake seems to have found someone who loves and respects her. There is nothing silly about that. I can only be happy for her and hope for the same for everyone else. Today is my birthday and if I may have one wish granted it's that we can move on from this subject. isabella, Hick comes out May 8 on VOD, and May 11 in theaters (probably limited release / art house theaters, I would guess). I don't know when or if they will be doing promotion for it, but the controversial nature of the film is sure to bring attention.
  15. Blake Lively

    Thanks for the articles, pix, and tweets! Welcome isabella! Nice! They probably were at Scoops, too -- I'm very familiar with that ice cream. Anyway, yes, they're baack... Jessica Greer ‏ @prinjesss Just met n talked with Richard Gere and his family and sat right next to Ryan Reynolds n Blake Lively at my brothers restaurant. I die. 8:04 PM - 14 Mar 12 via Twitter for Android Kimberly Spallone ‏ @kspa1288 Just walked past and semi stalked Ryan Reynolds.... If only I got a picture @CoxMcCloud25 I died a little bit in side because he is that gorgeous. 11:52 AM - 14 Mar 12 Grace Read-Carter ‏ @GraceReadCarter Just saw ryan reynolds in soho....oh myyy!!! @sophieashkuri oh i did...i stared at him and stop in my tracks !!! Beautiful man from Manhattan, NY 9:39 AM - 14 Mar 12 Aww too sweet. I remember the Green Lantern interviews where Ryan said he has a fear of flying -- maybe this is how he puts his mind at ease. Welcome back Lye, and nice to see you again, cherryb. I don't think she is necessarily compelled to have a boyfriend, famous or not. I've read her say several times she'd rather be alone than to be in a relationship just to be in one, or words to that effect. She was single for several months in between Penn and Leo, and I'm not sure when she and Leo split, or how serious they were (all I know for certain is I wanted to believe they were serious ). I think it's mostly a matter of who she meets in her line of work -- and if top designers are drawn to her personality, I imagine top actors would be as well. She probably could have dated a lot more of them by now if she wanted to. Anyway, that's all I'm gonna say lest I open a whole new can o' worms. As long as they're all happy, I'm happy for them.