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Best Romance Movies


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I didn't see it. I really hope I read through the three pages properly.

List and add your favourite romantic movies, with or without comedy.

for starters, I really liked :

Pretty Woman

Dirty Dancing

French Kiss

When Harry Met Sally :cry:

Love is a many splendored thing

big blue


un homme et une femme

roman holiday

when harry met sally

four weddings and a funeral

A Farewell to Arms

Bram's Stokers Dracula

The Millionairess

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1. Dracula

2. gone with the wind

3. Sleeping beauty, i know its disney, but still a great love story

4. titanic

5. Sense and sensability

6. Jane Eyre

7. wuthering heights

8. The Quiet Man-just because who doesnt love a tall, dark & charismatic man, to sweep you off your feet

9. Cleopatra w/ Liz & Bert

10. Moulin Rouge

11. The wedding singer

12. Sabrina-the hubby took me to see this one on are first date

13. Singing in the Rain

14. Rebecca

15. Gaint

16. 50 1st dates

17. the African Queen

18. The King & I

19. Splendor in the Grass

20. Sound of Music

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Had no idea where to post this, but for any Notebook fans, here is a real life Notebook story. Thought it was so cute :blush:


Wow that's a really sweet story.

My favs are:

Pride and Prejudice

Love Actually

Splendor in the Grass ( :heart: Natalie Woods)

Sleepless in Seattle

When Harry Met Sally

Shakespeare in Love

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