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  1. Angel717

    The Person Above

    has been a BZ member for nearly four years now.
  2. Angel717

    Nicolas Bemberg

    Some years ago, he was was studying as a high school student, but now, I'm not really sure.
  3. Angel717

    Male model competition

    Oh by they way, just wanna say that it's such a great idea that you guys decided to revive this thread! I still remember the days when this was full of people (and when Toni's not a mom yet ) great job! Much love for the boys!
  4. Angel717

    Male model competition

    RYAN FUCKN' TAYLOR for max points. and; LAURENT for max as well.
  5. Angel717

    Stas Svetlichnyy

    Who's the female model here? She's gorgeous!
  6. Happy Bday Bian dear :wave:

  7. Angel717

    Marios Lekkas

    We already have a thread of him here. But thanks! maybe we should ask a mod to merge the threads.
  8. Angel717

    Eugen Bauder

    Made a Eugen wallpaper, feel free to use.
  9. Angel717

    The Person Above

    has a greatly coloured Adriana Lima set!
  10. Angel717

    Viggo Jonasson

    Made some Viggo wallies, feel free to use!
  11. Angel717

    Books you are reading

    Penguin Popular Classics' compilation of "Arabian Nights"!
  12. TR! Do you know what really happened to MH? It's gone~ *cries

  13. Angel717

    Mathias Lauridsen

    Yeah, it looks like it's finally down for good. I'm sorry for being off-topic but I was wondering about the same thing too. I've been visiting MH everyday from the time that they announced it would be closing on June 5. But I'm pretty sure they've gathered enough donations to run the forum until August at least, then one day, it was just gone. Some say at MH's facebook page that the new domain is still the old one and that we just have to be patient. Maybe Aimee succeeded in selling the site? and it's being moved? I'm not really sure. But I really miss MH though. Life's not the same without it.