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  1. Hey ;) what do you think about VSFS 2008?

  2. Yay! Happy birthday!! (LATE) Forgot..
  3. fery

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  4. It's great! Although, I don't really like the image they chose for the cover, Raquel can take a WAY better picture than that! But she looks hot...though that Balmain dress was made for her.... :| And me. If only I could afford it!
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  8. I think I forgot about your B-Day :ninja:

  9. I'm not a Bond fan per se...but I am a fan of Daniel Craig.
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  11. He won it for Spain. He's so gorgeous though...
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  13. I hate using this word...but she looks fierce!!! Raquel for-evah!
  14. Ferinha :hug: :laugh: I miss you posting here, I remember when you used to post a lot here last summer, maybe part 2 of posting in summer now? :shifty:

  15. fery

    Cate Blanchett

    The close-ups are amazing. same source
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