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    Edited for putting foot in mouth. Sorry guys.
  2. There is a video of her at Fashion File: http://www.fashionfile.com/displayMoments.html It's listed under "Spring/Summer 2005."
  3. For Peter Som, Fall 2006, white dress.
  4. Two more photos from the Toronto event:
  5. Daria is now making waves in mainstream news. From Associated Press:
  6. Found on eBay - old magazine cover
  7. Found on eBay Warning: Nudity http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/417/0025bk.jpg
  8. eBay has a GQ magazine for auction that has "centerfold" photos of Tiiu. Anybody have the scans? ebay auction link
  9. John Galliano Fall 2006 Hermes Fall 2006
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