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    Allez les bleus. fashion. World travels. SCUBA; je t'aime.

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  1. {name}


    Real Madrid to win the CL & Liga.
  2. {name}


    Yeaaah, Barca is undoubtedly the team to beat this year, but next year it's going to be different.
  3. {name}


    I'm excited about the new season, but regardless with all the great performers, do they play well together? I hope so.
  4. {name}


    Xabi is going to MADRID!!!!! I just wanted to let you personally know Ed
  5. my angeee, are you still in touch w/ bz?! :hugs:

  6. Angeee, I was looking through Raquel's thread and I saw you. Still remember me? :p

    Hope you're doing fine ^^

  7. I really like your avatar :D

  8. ahaha there's infinite. these pages never stop. love at chanel. tash tash looks ravishing . place your bets she's one to beat
  9. Aha no worries. You can keep me waiting forever. i'll still be here. :) how's life ? Anything interesting. VSFS>> i hope is fun and good, because it's been lacking something in the past 2 shows.

  10. Well, i got your message in an email, and decide awe why the fuck not ? So voila, i am present. :D

  11. lol, you are so polite. But you can use "tu" with me instead of "vous" which is the more polite one. :p Merci pour message, innocente ? oh la la, non, c'est faux. tu es folle & coupable. laughs.

  12. non. no room. adieu!

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