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    Allez les bleus. fashion. World travels. SCUBA; je t'aime.

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  1. Football

    Real Madrid to win the CL & Liga.
  2. Football

    Yeaaah, Barca is undoubtedly the team to beat this year, but next year it's going to be different.
  3. Football

    I'm excited about the new season, but regardless with all the great performers, do they play well together? I hope so.
  4. Football

    Xabi is going to MADRID!!!!! I just wanted to let you personally know Ed
  5. my angeee, are you still in touch w/ bz?! :hugs:

  6. Angeee, I was looking through Raquel's thread and I saw you. Still remember me? :p

    Hope you're doing fine ^^

  7. I really like your avatar :D

  8. Natasha Poly

    ahaha there's infinite. these pages never stop. love at chanel. tash tash looks ravishing . place your bets she's one to beat
  9. Natasha Poly

    *raises hand in agreement*
  10. Natasha Poly

    love the pictures; merci
  11. Aha no worries. You can keep me waiting forever. i'll still be here. :) how's life ? Anything interesting. VSFS>> i hope is fun and good, because it's been lacking something in the past 2 shows.

  12. Well, i got your message in an email, and decide awe why the fuck not ? So voila, i am present. :D

  13. lol, you are so polite. But you can use "tu" with me instead of "vous" which is the more polite one. :p Merci pour message, innocente ? oh la la, non, c'est faux. tu es folle & coupable. laughs.

  14. non. no room. adieu!