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  1. Get a grip okay, I can express whatever opinion I have on Iker or whoever on this and any other forum. If you don't like it... IGNORE IT! Yes he does things for charity good for him and especially the people he helps but I am not interested. Yes his a goalkeeper and it's what he does stands in front of a post with an net and stops goals going in... isn't that the purpose of a goalkeeper??? I just post photos and say what I have to say if you don't like it tough, GETTING ALL EMOTIONAL ABOUT NOTHING. Trust me, I'm not emotional about anything but you are the one who's writing in bold/red so I'd look at my own comment first. Get defensive all you want but I'm just saying because you're making yourself look like an idiot. Why? Because just like Laryssa says, why do you even come here if you hate Iker? You obviously can't stand his smug idiot look, so why go look for scans of him and post them along with a rude comment? It makes you look like a hypocrite. I really don't care if people don't like something about him but they still like him for his skills or personality but you're here telling us you pretty much hate who he is, so why bother visiting his forums? I sure would stay away from forums of people I don't like. I honestly COULD CARE LESS that you don't like Iker (I know, boohoo). I know people who don't like him but they don't constantly go to his fansites and forums saying crap about him! Grow up. And for the record, if you're making such claims and stating your opinion, prepare yourself for a backlash and have some evidence to back up your comment because other people have opinions about your opinions, ESPECIALLY IN FORUMS DEDICATED TO IKER! Nobody should have to prepare for a backlash for stating their opinions on a forum that is promoted to sharing your thoughts and opinions about specific topics. It's in saying things like that, that keep people away from the forum because they'll be too afraid from sharing what they think because they might end up getting attacked for not conforming to the majority opinion. Also you use the word hate rather liberally when I have yet to read anything from Chic in which she says that she hates him. Just because she says she doesn't like his facial expression and his attitude doesn't mean she "pretty much hate who he is." Chic has been one of the best members in the Male Athletes section providing countless photos for everyone to see in many of the threads including Iker's. Whether she does or doesn't like him shouldn't matter. She is courteous enough to bother to put photos up and just because she decides to state her opinion on one of the posts should not promote this type of attack, but rather a discussion on whether or not you agree, not to go after another member. Now can we please go back to Iker.
  2. Awww they named their little boy Leo! Congrats on the new addition Fernando and Olalla!!!
  3. Apparently the word around other forums is that Fernando and Olalla are expecting a little boy! I hope it's true it would be so cute to see a Fernando Jr.
  4. Sergio cut his hair! http://twitpic.com/2fcgp7 "Amigos aqui os mando una fotito de mi nuevo look,antes de que empiece la liga..un abrazo a todos.." I don't know if I like it. I guess I have to wait for more photos, but I really liked his long hair.
  5. Thanks for the pictures! He really seems to be getting into the spirit of twitter.
  6. Thanks Chic for the photo. I can't look at it without feeling upset. I'm still coming to terms with his departure.
  7. Thanks for the pictures! They are such an adorable family!
  8. I love Crackovia! Is it true they are getting ride of Guti's character since he left? He was my favorite, pim pam pim pam pim pam
  9. LUCKY!!! Remember if you get shirtless pics of Miguel you must share! PLEASE!
  10. I would like to see Higuian wear it and not just because of how he seems off of the pitch but because we've seen him put in the time and hard work to become a Madrista and he has been persistant in his improvement in the squad which is really paying off from him, he fought for his spot in the team and he earned it. Ronaldo has been there for one year and is still integrating himself into the squad and to give him such a historic jersey for Real Madrid it's too early. I read in someone's comments a month or two ago in an article about this and they said that since they can't officially retire the #7, that they should at least take it out of commission for a couple years in honor and then hand off the number. I don't know if thats allowed either, but it sounds reasonable enough.
  11. I got so pissed off when I read that! If he had said that it would be an honor to wear that shirt or something to that nature then maybe it would be somewhat ok with me, but the fact that he out right said he was SURE how Raul would be happy is what pisses me off. Real fans are still coming to terms with Raul leaving, yes we knew it was coming it had been building up for some time, but its hard nonetheless to lose someone who came to represent everything that the club stood for and who meant so much to the fans. So to already come out stating you want to take over his number not even a full week after he left is bs, he should show more respect to Raul and the fans. Especially considering he has already shown that the #7 is part of the branding that he has set up for himself to make more money. Raul is synonymous with the #7 yet he never went out and publicy trademarked it as his so that he can attach it to products for sale. I get that the number has to be used, but I just hope it goes to someone deserving of the number and the honor to carry on the legacy Raul left behind. BTW all this ^ is my opinion on the matter, I needed a good rant about it
  12. It is way too weird to see these pics. Even him in the practice outfit is still not making this a reality for me.
  13. Thanks for the pics! Iker is in my city! Hopefully now we can get some beach pics since they're not too far from Santa Monica and we've been having perfect beach weather lately.
  14. I'm already crying. I really don't know what to say about this whole situation. Raul brought me to Real and now he is going to be gone. It truly sucks, I really can't think of any other word to describe it. What sucks the most is that I'm finally going to be able to watch Real play in person for the first time when the play the Galaxy and Raul's not going to be there and he was the one I was the one I wanted to see the most.
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