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  1. heeeyy guys please if you have enrique 's song SOMEBODY IS ME please post here or tell me because i cant find that song and i love it very very muCH !!pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeee find if u can...
  2. please put more photos in this topic (l)(l) loove you guys
  3. she really look gorgeous but she is to slim :S and put alot make-up :S :S
  5. awesome ooh i love her her face is like a baby and like an ANGEL look at her eyes ...
  6. she was dating with pharrell but i guess now they broke up
  7. she is just 1 year old than me :blink:
  8. i like her voice-- she is really becoming gorgeous
  9. feolla


    like straight hair
  10. please van i have it from VSFS 2006 if u can pleASE sure you can use whichever set you want! so sorry i responded so late! i kinda forgot that i put sets on this thread ! thankyou honey! but i cant understand y my sig. is small <_< <_<
  11. i love emina she is from my country .She is ALBANIAN :heart: :heart:
  12. feolla

    Mischa Barton

    weight of mischa ? wight =?? please tell me if somebody know
  13. feolla

    Rachel Bilson

    weight oh reachel ?? WEIGHT =? ??? [please tell me]
  14. weight of nikole i cant find it:S weight=?
  15. feolla


    hey answer my question
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