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Fragrance vs. Cosmetics Commercial Ultimate Battle...to the Death! ^_^

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Hello there :wave: . Some asked me to do a fragrance comp awhile ago and, well, I wasn't actually going to do it and was going to ride off in the comp sunset again, but that old spontaneous urge came over me again suddenly :ninja: .


To put fragrance commercials vs. cosmetics commercials to see which wins as well as to what degree said winner is preferred by the voters. Fragrance commercials tend to play more toward the imaginations and stregnths of the photographers, designers ect. whereas cosmetics commercials tend to play more toward the stregnths of the models and are usually marketed more specifically. The success of each is a case by case basis. I would like to have an equal number of both in each round so that the tally of the round winners can also be kept and will start off with 2 and move up depending on what the voters can handle, though 4 would be ideal for me.

Fragrance General Advantage - generally bigger and more ambitious ideas, budgets and productions.

Cosmetics General Advantage - much wider range of products and goes for mainstream relatability.


Team Medal 1 - Highest Average Score

Team Medal 2 - Most Rounds Won

Team Medal 3 - Most Commercials (from their side) in the top 20

Individual Medal 1 - Individual Commercial with Highest Score

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Rate 0-5, yes I sadi 0. I wanted to do it when someone (I think SqueegeB or Rox) asked in the previous one, but it was already halfway done by then and would have just screwed up the rankings. Regardless of how grand and ambitious a commercial may be, its purpose is to get the attention and or inspire someone to buy the product or at the least remember the commercial, preferably in a good way. And even if you don't actually want to buy the product, it hopes to at least interrest you enough to put the product on your mind (so that you may possibly mention said commercial to someone who will buy it :ninja: ). But if there is no interrest or enjoyment at all, a rating of 0 is given.

I know this is new ground here, but still don't break my balls, or should I say balls with 0.007. Be a hero and use the 0 if you either absolutely hate or or see nothing enjoyable at all. I'm emphasizing this because I need you to get this from day one because if you just catch on 10 rounds into it, it screws up the rankings.

If you do like it just a little or or want to just give it a little something, 0.5-1 would be nice, but whatever you want at the end of the day of course. The answer is, yes I know this is long and yes I tried making it shorter, yes I gave up and yes this is how I talk in real life. I would love it if we could all try looking beyond just who's in it, but customer's right I guess and above all I hope you enjoy :) . I'm going to kick it off in about a couple days...from a couple days ago...

Round 1

Gucci Perfume Commercial (Fragrance)

Cheryl Cole L'Oreal (Cosmetics)

Gucci - Hmmm...idk, always kindof scared me to no end tbh, kindof like Nightmare Before Christmas in motion, but I find it hilarious at the same time, 4 :laugh: .

Cheryl Cole - 2

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frenchkiki    0

I like none of them

Gucci 0.9 no originality! Looks like a porn movie made in the 70's... Just add a dog and that will be a 70's Swedish porn movie!

L'oreal 2 no originality either but it's L'oreal, duh! The girl is beautiful but i prefer Evangeline Lily for the same commercial merci!

Joe u should really receive a reward for the member that gives the most explanations for a competition. At first you think "yeah a new competition by Joe! :dance: " then you start to read and you think " yes, it's indeed a new competition by Joe" then you read further and you think "just when i thought i could have fun with this new competition i am starting to have a headache :/ !" then the more your read the more you feel like

th_side-eye.gif Him!

Joe don't ever change!

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:rofl: Oh, thanks kiki :hug: You're the funniest french person I've ever known :blush: I bet you and lisa make the country proud :hug: and thanks again COP and sagi of course :hug: . I heard 70s porn had good music though, kindof like elevators :idk: .

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JOEEE, i'm so happy you are doing this,i rmber the one you did awhile back and it has been my fav comp :clap:


Gucci- I dislike the creepy swaying and "dancing" and the facial expression that looked somewhat like the beginning of an orgasm. - the lighting was nice and the perfume bottle overal is beautiful but they only showed it breifly and i didn't know what they were selling until then- so 1.2.

Cheryl- well, cause she's british , i see this commercial every 5 secs, her voice gets annoying, but i love l'oreal commercials and this DOES make me want to buy the product as she has amazing hair- its a classic l'oreal advert but nothing exciting - 2

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Michael*    0

Great Idea Joe! :bounce:

Gucci - 2

I wholeheartedly recommend watching this one without the sound - the unintentionally funny dancing is even funnier that way. Not completely without its charms (the lighting and the bottle are great, as Vanessa already mentioned) but not exactly subtle either.

Lóreal - 1.5

Slick but also incredibly bland. Minus points too for Cheryl's voice, which sounds like a geordie doing an impression of a geordie. Her accent grates on me like nobody's business, and that's speaking as someone born within 15 miles of where she grew up. :yuckky:

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Great comp Joe :clap:

Gucci - The swaying/ dancing is a tad bit bizarre and distracting but very glam looking which suits Gucci 2

L'Oreal- Not great but not terrible so 2.5

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