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Actresses vs Fashion Models SUPER CUP


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No, it's probably not what you're thinking, it's not a new big contest, it's just a mini contest, an appetizer before starting the IV Actresses CL, where the winner of each Actresses CHAMPIONS LEAGUE faces the winner of each Fashion Models CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

We have done 4 Fashion Models' and 3 Actresses' editions so far, and next week we'll start the 4th Actresses CL, as I just said.

So the winners of both 1st editions will face each other, the same for both 2nd editions, and so on...

We'll begin with the 1st winners, and right after with the 2nd ones, we should have done it months ago when the contests were recent but better late than never.

Then we'll start the IV Actresses CL, and once we've finished it, we'll do the 3rd and 4th Super Cups.

So, in case you have already forgotten who the 1st winners were... :)

You simply have to select your favorite, the most beautiful.


Gisele Bundchen vs Charlize Theron

DEADLINE: In about 24 hours, with a minimum of 30 votes and a maximum of 35.

post-33019-0-1445991412-88083_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1445991412-89935_thumb.jpg

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For looks Charlize...but then it would be for talent too since this is actresses of course :nicole: :ninja: . But for looks Charlize :) .

@ MissLimaVzla, everytime I take two steps forward to getting those abs I take 10 steps back it seems. I just can't leave the donuts alone :blush: . And yesturday the gentleman at the shop made them fresh out of the oven :pinch::ninja: . Its like they call my name :ninja: .


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