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  1. continuing the translation. MC:How do you protect yourself from masculine harassment,when a man wants,for example,get advantages with with your fame? GB:Look,i think i`m a good-i mean nowadays,it`s something i`ve learned in my life as well-i`m good in judging people personality`s.And now,men don`t come to me as they used to do.I think people has more fear of coming close to me. When a man is flirting with me,i notice if he wants to saty with me for appearing to the others,or if he really likes me. MC:How much time do you take to notice it? GB:Ah,it`s right in that moment.I just put my eyes on
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  4. 90 cindy 12 valéria 10 laetitia 8 stephanie 7 00 petra 12 lara 10 esti 8 adriana 7
  5. continuing mc:are you a jealous woman? gb:no.ahn...once in a while i am,but i`m only jealous with boyfriends and stuff like that.With material things or friends,i`m not,but with boyfriends,i used to be.Nowadays i`m no t so jealous anymore cause i`ve learned that what has to be,will be.I`ve learned that when you`re jealous,it `s because you`re insecure.it`s a problem inside your own.Jealousy is insecurity. mc:Have you had a ridiculous moment because of jealousy? gb:i`ve done a scene of jealousy,but i wouldn`t do it again.I`m not gonna tell you.waht a disaster it would be!(she looks for her mana
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