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  1. continuing the translation. MC:How do you protect yourself from masculine harassment,when a man wants,for example,get advantages with with your fame? GB:Look,i think i`m a good-i mean nowadays,it`s something i`ve learned in my life as well-i`m good in judging people personality`s.And now,men don`t come to me as they used to do.I think people has more fear of coming close to me. When a man is flirting with me,i notice if he wants to saty with me for appearing to the others,or if he really likes me. MC:How much time do you take to notice it? GB:Ah,it`s right in that moment.I just put my eyes on him and i see.You have how to know if the person looks not reliable. MC:If the person isn`t looking at your eyes,but is looking at tour clothes label... GB:Yeah,i dont`trust,i don`t trust.And there are men who talk to you like this(she pusts her head on the reporter`s breast),i immediately say:"get off,man!"i`m very honest and objective.I f i perceive you`re coming to me only to get advantages,why should i spend my time with you?I just turn my face and go away.I won`t stay there for the guy who wants to use me. MC:Do the men fear you? GB:I`m sure they do.(she turns to the photographer Henrique Gendri,her longtime friend,present in the interview).What you think Henrique?Do the men fear me?(the photgrapher says yes). MC:how do you manage it? GB:I`ll die single,you know?That`s what i have to do(laughs).No,i think that you want the man to come to you,and talk to you,and be an interesting man.I think the man has to go after the woman.
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  5. continuing mc:are you a jealous woman? gb:no.ahn...once in a while i am,but i`m only jealous with boyfriends and stuff like that.With material things or friends,i`m not,but with boyfriends,i used to be.Nowadays i`m no t so jealous anymore cause i`ve learned that what has to be,will be.I`ve learned that when you`re jealous,it `s because you`re insecure.it`s a problem inside your own.Jealousy is insecurity. mc:Have you had a ridiculous moment because of jealousy? gb:i`ve done a scene of jealousy,but i wouldn`t do it again.I`m not gonna tell you.waht a disaster it would be!(she looks for her manager with her eyes).Once i went to a boy-i won`t say who he was,and i won`t say how old i was too because if so,you will know who was the boy,but i was younger,i was really "spicy" in that time.I was in a party,and i had had a fight with my boyfriend.I arrived there and he was talking to some girls.Then,there was another boy who was really cute,and i started to "stay" with the other boy just to provoke my boyfriend.then,he(the ex-boyfriend)came and sit in front of me and i was there dancing with the other boy,pretending i didn`t care.It was he making me jealous,and i ,making him jealous.Then ,at some moment,i got so angry(the girls were pactically talking into his mouth),that i went ther,took the guy for his shirt and i did this(she takes the interviwer`s blouse)and i said:listen,i never want to see you in front of me again,you idiot!And i went screaming,taking him for his shirt and he was like that(she opens her eyes),and then,i went away.I pushed him like that(she pushes the air)and i left the party,really beautiful with my new boy.I left the party very happy.It was one of the first relationships of my life,so how would i know how to handle with it?If today,it is difficult,can you imagine 5 years ago? mc:And did you stay with the other guy? gb:I didn`t stay with the other guy.i was using him to make the other be jealous,you know? mc:did you feel guilty after that? gb:I felt awful but i was a jerk.I ws so little but i didn`t know.Nowadays i would never do it!Can you imagine such a thing?!(laughs)I f i did it,people would call me crazy,obsessed,maniac. ky.bmp ky.bmp
  6. i thought it was an old pic because of it. thank you for it,sick.
  7. continuing the translation Marie Claire:but what do you dream about when you`re awake? Gisele Bündchen:my dream is being happy... mc:this,you said that you already are. gb:(she changes the speed of her speak for the first time,from quick to slow)I imagine the things i like doing ...riding my horse,being with my family...my dream is every woman dream:i wanna get married,have kids,be happy,take my kids to school,wash the baby,kiss the baby,chnge the diepers...my dream is having a little farm with my animals,with my family. mc:do you also think you`re changing about how you perceive love? gb:i think my perception has changed in everything.In love,the way i work,what i think about people.When you`re young,you think you`ll find a fairy tale prince and everything will be wonderful,no fights,all is perfection, and the rality is that we are human beings,we are different people.And we can`t change each other,then ,the rality is in any relation ,friendship,love,work, you need to know how to give a little.It can`t be always your way ,how you want,i think it`s give and take.And this ,i learned with time.Obviously,in the beginning,when i was 16,in any situation it was always like thiat:"i want like that,no no no"In work,in family,in love i always wanted things my way and with years i started to learn that life won`t be always the way you want.You learn to hear the people as well. Mc:do you feel guilty for anything? GB:I feel guilty for not having emough time for being with my family.I bothers me a lillte i can`t be there...When my nother makes hot dog and everyone is there ,eating hot dog,and i`m not.O r when my sisters need to talk to me,but can`t find me.I wanna be there for them,you understand?So ,i feel guilty,a little bit,for not being so close to my family as i should ans as i would like.
  8. thank you!it`s awsome to see her on the catwalk.
  9. finishing the first page mc:and what about your hair? gb:i wash my hair and put shampoo and hair conditioner.what else do i do?i do nothing.i take a shower(pause)...i brush my teeth(pause)...i put moisturizer...i don`t have patience for theses things.i should take care of myself,i believe when i get older,i`ll start doing more of these things.Two years later,never in my life i had put moisturizer on body,you know?Then,i started to do it sometimes,cause my skin was resected.but ,for now,i`m kinda hippie. mc:don`t you do any type of exercise? gb:i ride a horse.try to ride a horse,to see if it´s a good exercise or not.i ride a horse and play volleyball.Try to do it to see if it`s not real exercise. mc:what do you dream about? gb:what do i dream of?oh,my god...i can`t remind my dreams,you believe it?i think i sleep too heavy.but i speak at night,i know it,because people have told me-and my sisters used to hate me.When i can`t sleep,i get up and write what i`m thinking.i stay two,three hours in bed thinking,thinking,thinking too much,got it?i `d like shooting myself to stop thinking!but ,then,i write down on the paper my thoughts,and finally i can sleep.i think 24 hours,all the time.i`m sure i think when i`m sleeping too.
  10. starting the translation. marie claire:you`ve just turned 23 years old and 10 years in the fashion business as a model.do you still feel like a teenager? Gisele Bündchen:i feel much more mature,i understand myself much better today,and i understand this business much better as well.i think it`s good to age,you know?maturity is the most marvellous thing. mc:Don`t you have any fear of aging? gb:none,none.i ask my mother:"mom,what`s your favourite age?",and she says it`s all ages.She`s 55,bur she says she loves being 55,cause she knew nothing when she was younger.And it`s great being happy with your age,your body.Beauty comes from the inside,you got it?and beauty is a "liking thing".i think you have to really like yourself. mc:How you imagine yourself at 40`s? gb:i imagine myself like ...much more mature,i imagine myself as a happy woman-i am already happy,but i imagine myself even happier,with 3 kids.... mc:why three,and not two or four? gb:i wanna have two kids, and i`ve been thinking about adopting one more.i still don`t know when i`ll get married and have kids,but i would need to see if my husband would accept too... mc:do you have any fears of changing your body with a pregnancy? gb:what,my girl?!are you crazy? mc:even if it happened now,in the top of your carrer? gb:no.i think no woman is prettier than a pregnant woman.every time i see one,i keep staring at her,i wanna hold the woman,i wanna kiss her belly,because in the pregnancy,the woman has a kind of beauty...i don`t know what happens ,but it`s the most beautiful thing. mc:this maturity,which you feel now,at 23,does it also show in body? gb:i`t s obvious i feel different.when i was 13,i didn`t have acne.And when you are 17,18,19,you start having it.because your skin isn´t like a baby`s,got it? And you can see it.my body was fuller before,i was like that ,baby fat.You strt losing the baby fat ,as you get older. mc:what beauty cares you have nowadays,that you didn`t have before? gb:see,i put moisturizer(she passes her hands on her face,indicating where she puts the moisturizer).on my body,i don`t put to much cause i`m lazy,but once in a while,i put.when i go under the sun,i put a sun block... mc:always? gb:not always,but almost always.when the sun is too strong,yes,but if it`s not,no,because i wanna be dark.i adore the sun,i love the sun.i know it`s not good for skin ,but i love it. i couldn
  11. thank you!so many amazing photos....
  12. i wanted to post these since a long time ago,as i never saw them in any site before(i didn`t ,cause they were lost somewhere in my house ).they are from marie claire brazil,2004,september.i`ll translate the interview as soon as possible,but if anyone can get the translation before ne,post it here.it will be apreciated.
  13. thank you miche !i love these photos! ah,viola.she gave an interview or something like that,in an event in salvador,bahia,brazil in a place where poor kids live.apparently,she went there to help them and she talked about her experience in the beginning of her carrer,when she had no maney.than she got emotioned or emotional(sorry,english is faling right now),after remembering her life.i didn`t see the video,just heard about it in some interview.
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