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  1. 1. Thylane Blondeau 1. Hailey Clauson 2. Stella Maxwell 3. Stephanie Rose Bertram 4. Jessica Lee Buchanan 5. Taylor Hill 6. Sara Sampaio 7. Mathilde Gøhler 8. Irina Shayk 9. Emily Ratajkowski 10. Lorena Rae 11. Pauline Hoarau 12. Ola Korytowska 13. Sasha Luss 14. Luma Grothe 15. Josephine Skriver 16. Camila Morrone 17. Dioni Tabbers 18. Barbara Palvin 19. Elsa Hosk 20. Kris Grikaite
  2. she's live on SI facebook page
  3. outrageous! this needs some japanese censorship: and elsa! this isn't even her first offense!
  4. her snapchat debut kateuptonsnap
  5. Maybe it's the only hope for her to come back on SI in the future
  6. 1. Hailey Clauson 2. Sara Sampaio 3. Stella Maxwell 4. Taylor Marie Hill 5. Jessica Lee Buchanan 6. Emily Ratajkowski 7. Sasha Luss 8. Irina Shayk 9. Stephanie Rose Bertram 10. Barbara Palvin 11. Candice Swanepoel 12. Nicole Meyer 13. Camila Morrone 14. Luma Grothe 15. Hannah Ferguson 16. Ola Korytowska 17. Vita Sidorkina 18. Doutzen Kroes 19. Erika Labanauskaite 20. Irina Sharipova Votes counted (~ M*)
  7. lol, now I understand why the periscope replay wasn't available
  8. maybe they travelled to Vermont or Akansas or one of those states where, according to Schemer's definition of child, sex with children is legal!
  9. Hailey Clauson and Robin Marjolein
  10. They already released ~120 pics from Verlander's account, some of them just weren't Kate's.
  11. Dolphins are known sexual offenders http://deepseanews.com/2013/02/10-reasons-why-dolphins-are-aholes/
  12. IT'S HAPPENING si_swimsuit CASTING CALLS for Swimsuit 2015 have begun! Over the next several months SwimDaily.com will be bringing you a sneak peek at some of this year’s Swimsuit hopefuls. Meet @haileyc123. You can find her profile now on SwimDaily.com. (Photos by @jmaestas) http://instagram.com/p/m0omhBAu1I/# http://swimdaily.si.com/2014/04/15/hailey-clauson-si-swimsuit-2015/
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