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  1. 5 stars for you hun! Been a while sense we've chatted :p

  2. I like the picture where she's holding her head high She doesn't hide anymore (like she used to with.. )
  3. ^yes.. I was very surprised when I read the comments.. I expected a bunch of negative comments
  4. So it's true! They're dating! I'm glad to see Bar happy.. and it seems like she's moved on.. good for her. and btw.. How old is he? David Fisher?
  5. 1 Almudena Fernandez 2 Fernanda Tavares 3 Estella Warren 4 Noemie Lenoir 5 Liya Kebede 6 Anahi Gonzales
  6. ^I must say she kinda looks and acts like Cameron Diaz
  7. She's driving with her broken arm.. Maybe that means she'll start modeling again soon!!
  8. Poor Bar How bad that this happened to her right now in summer
  9. Valentina Zelyaeva 12 Alessandra Ambrósio 7 Isla Dowling 8 Olga Kurylenko 10
  10. Ginta Lapina 8 Olga Kurylenko 12 Isla Dowling 10
  11. ^she's no longer MissDK but simply Doutzen http://twitter.com/#!/doutzen
  12. Alessandra Ambrosio Valentina Zelyaeva 12 Olga Kurylenko 10 Leticia Zuloaga 8 Charlotte Free 7
  13. She should go back to blonde.. she's stunning in that yellow dress
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