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What do you appreciate more in a guy?

midnight lady

What do you appreciate more in a guy?  

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  1. 1. What do you appreciate more in a guy?

    • Kindness
    • Happiness
    • Carefulness
    • Looks
    • Body
    • Mysteri
    • Or somthing else (what)

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Kindness I guess, I mean, if he isn't nice to me he can forget it. But he has to have a good sense of humor too. I love sarcastic guys. And he shouldn't be a sissy either (y'know the "I'm dying!" thing when they just have a cold <_< )

To get to the point; the ideal guy for me is someone who is: (or becomes) my best friend. Someone I can laugh with, cry with , talk sillyness with, have a meaningful conversation with and who really listens when I need someone to listen, and is honest with me even when it's not what I'd like to hear. Someone who earns my respect and can be trusted blindly. And someone who dares to go against me when he doesn't agree. I don't want someone without an opinion.

Ofcourse, he doesn't have to be perfect, trying his best is enough :) And ofcourse he can expect the same from me :)

And what can I say :whistle: some good looks are always appreciated ;) But in the end it doesn't really matter. There are very few men who are still handsome at old age.

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where is the "his car" option ? :unsure:

ur funny :laugh: yeah ofcourse that matters above all else ;) :whistle:

I actually know a girl like that. She keeps a notebook of all the guys she's been with, and their plus points and negative points. Each time there's a 'Has a car' or 'Doesn't have a car' or 'Has a very nice car', even!

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Where's the intelligence option? Or do brains not matter?

Sure brains matter. But seriously, you wouldn't go with a guy just cuz "he's so smart" or "he's the reincarnation of einstein." I wouldn't do that to myself: imagine going with a guy who has twice your brain capacity (in my case a neutron)? I am annoyed by dumb guys but in this scenario I'd be the dumb one in comparisation and that would freak me out at one point.

Besides, there's not much about brains when he doesn't have the rest. I knew someone like that once. He was so intelligent; best of our class and he prolly went to the university straight after school. But he was SO boring.

Talking about black holes in the universe that fascinated him because *insert load of difficult words here* and more stuff along those lines. He thought math was the easiest thing ever. Yet he couldn't socialize. :ninja:

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kindness. i mean of course anybody would want a guy who is kind to you, but i would also want him to protect and care about me. no guy is perfect and i wouldn't expect that from anybody because we all have our flaws. those flaws are actually what make us beautiful and i think it's more of the thought that counts ;)

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