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  1. {name}

    Happy B-day ^^

  2. HACKy Birthday. :)

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. {name}

    Happy Birthday ;)

  5. {name}

    Evangeline Lilly

    In my opinion there are better things to worry about....
  6. {name}


    Some of them really look like aliens... 3rd row, last picture. ET phone homeeee
  7. Wooow that just became my new wallpaper!
  8. {name}


    I actually started liking her body since 2006
  9. {name}


    This always makes me laugh for some reason
  10. {name}


    I never said that.
  11. {name}


    Just because it's Adriana, who many here believe to be perfect in every way, it doesn't mean that she can't be boring in a relationship or in bed. To answer your question. Perhaps their guy is into unattractive and boring girls.
  12. {name}


    Maybe she's beautiful but very boring?
  13. When she talked about the things that she knew about (such as Dance4life and fashion) she was very enthusiastic, which was great. But please don't talk about politics
  14. Hahaha I saw the program and it wasn't more than I expected. Jeroen Pauw did look like "Doutzen you know you're just here because you're pretty, right?" Her "political" arguments didn't really come across well, because she wasn't able to give good arguments.
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