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  1. i took those pics for the books i wrote. hope you like em
  2. add me pls :D matthieu nx

  3. Dutchy :D are you on facebook?

  4. facebook:

    matthi nx

  5. facebook:

    matthi nx

  6. Where are you???

  7. Actually, the PSP is the greatest handheld ever. It's such a little wonderbox. BUT there are not enough high quality games out there. That's the problem.
  8. I'll spend New Year's Eve in the states
  9. Headhuntaz

    I Am...

    trying to post here on a daily basis again
  10. sorry.. didn't quite catch this :(

  11. there's no opportunity to become an apprentice @ your photolab, right? :D

  12. They seem to be.

    What about you?

  13. Headhuntaz

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    http://one.xthost.info/gsf/Grey%20Scale%20...r%20-%20Why.mp3 xD
  14. Headhuntaz

    I Am...

    I work for the industry. That's what I meant.
  15. Headhuntaz

    I Am...

    but it's kinda common... one third of the industry nations' people are depressed. INDUSTRY nations... i guess there's the reason.
  16. Headhuntaz

    I Am...

    .... depressed. That's why I never stick around here. That's why I don't feel like doing anything at all. I'm so glad it's an illness, so it can be treated. I gotta go to the doctor's next week.
  17. Headhuntaz

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    Just Drop Dead by Limp Bizkit
  18. iii got an older one, don't know what's better!

    anyway, how was your week?

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