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  1. happy birthday, birthday twin!

  2. whyyyyy what did I dooooo? :|

  3. my head hurts. i blame YOU

  4. no, they have to be mp4, so get a converter like videora
  5. hey! welcome to llamazon! *gives you flower necklaces* enjoy your stay
  6. What does everyone think of the Addison Spinoff
  7. llama is the best online buddy a girl could have :)

  8. *llama was here... very early in the morning, JUST FOR YOU*

  9. *Streaks through your thread*

  10. I'm confused, why do people need to say goodbye when they log off, this is a posting board not an instant message convo. but um.. bye anyway!
  11. OMG, you like Buffy and Dead Like Me too??? Those 2 are a few of my favorite shows!!! Some of the other ones I can recall at the moment I really enjoyed include: Sex and the City Oz Six Feet Under Sweet Valley High Swan's Crossing Angel Undeclared Queer as Folk The Ali G Show Omg aren't you cool! I totally forgot to add sex and the city to my list of awesome.
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