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  1. happy birthday

  2. Twilight was absolutely brilliant. I'm currently on chapter 16 of New Moon, and I'm addicted. :] Twilight is definitely worth it, no doubt about it. I recommend them to anybody!
  3. http://www.petervanbeever.com/photos/petervanbeever_15.jpg Please do not hotlink images - edited by persuazn
  4. i just got finished with Belinda by Anne Rice, which was a quick, lovely novel. as soon as they come in the mail, i plan on reading Twilight and New Moon, which may end up going on hold if they come later than when i get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  5. all i know about this one is that she does the ben sherman advertisements. she does the modeling for half of the b.b. dakota advertisements. she does the modeling for the other half of the b.b. dakota advertisements. unfortunately the biggest image i have, she did one of the element adveritsements a couple of months back. can't find it again. another one that i can't find the original image of. she did one of the pf flyers advertisements a couple months back. original ad can't be found, or even what for. she was in nylon magazine, though. last i heard she was with new york models but i cannot find her so i'm not sure if she was dropped or even switched to another agency. LAST GIRL: can't find the original ad, either. she did a DC ad a couple months back and i've looked everywhere for this one.
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    possum kingdom by toadies
  7. PlayRadioPlay, Porcelain and the Tramps, Emilie Autumn, the Dresden Dolls and the Rainy Thursdays. as well as Toadies. Auf der Maur, She Wants Revenge, Annie Stela, AKW, Tori Amos, Lennon, Bif Naked, Deadmaya, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins, Nick Black, and Within Temptation. this isn't including all the Japanese/Korean/Chinese artists that i know of as well. most of the music i listen to is usually unknown.
  8. Ana Beatriz Barros. she's so pretty, haha, i didn't know which pictures to do! and you can surely you them elsewhere! :]] with the last one, haha, i had to add some blue undertones to make her less orange. as that wasn't appealing to the eye at all.
  9. Inguna is okay, I suppose. I like Tiiu, though.
  10. gravely

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    suffering from some very serious pains.
  11. it was only a matter of time before i did some of Dita, for she's one of my favorite ladies.
  12. gravely

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    very frustrated at the male population.
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