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  1. Marlon is shooting Made in Brazil #4 this week in NY.Here is a photo of him and Diego Miguel from MIB twitter.
  2. i'm very happy to hear that steven likes marlon,he is one of the best photographers on whole world,maybe even the best. So it's a really big honer for marlon that Steven likes him
  3. first fragrance campaign and now music video all my wish about marlon jobs are becoming coming true
  4. he looks surprised on paparazzi photo
  5. marlon in leather pants i like it
  6. when i just think about how much marlon will get with this fragrance campaign :hell yea!:
  7. those are my favorite marlon photos ever,he looks so natural and beautiful
  8. i love ermanno scervino clothes,and i always love to see marlon on their shows,but in this camapign clothes is in other plan and models are only thing i see.amazing casting.i love theodora
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