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1 minute ago, ThePinkDiet said:

Yeah I know that, but you can't really blame a person for being emotional and that's something I've learn on my skin getting older. Let's wait and see :) I don't like the opening either, I just feel like she looked so scared while walking and that's really sad, but also I can't really blame her because that's probably how she is.

I know what it's like to be emotional. Trust me, my boyfriend is so sick of me because i stress for nothing and always cried in front of movies. I even cried for Mamma Mia 2. 😂

Let's wait to see for the editing videos. ;) 

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1 hour ago, almanaotemcor said:

Seriously, the press can stop and stop talking about the Hadids and Kendull as the new future angels. Shit, I adore Bella but I think they are taking all the merit away from the rest of the angels and models who broke their ass to walk in the show.

Each one of them separately is more famous than all the new angels combined. It’s a given at this point that the angels will be overlooked in the media for these three. Unfortunate, but a given. And the media won’t stop because those are the names that are giving them clicks and page views which is how they make their money. 

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Awn, felt a little bad for Taylor when she said “I don’t open shows” while discovering she was opening the vsfs. Now I can give her opening some credit because poor little thing... Happy for her! ❤️ 

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4 minutes ago, Beatriz Abreu said:

Wow shit really went down while I was asleep


I just have to say I really feel bad for Sara. It will always be "next year" for her...smh

I think she will be next Doutzen :(:(:( sad both so amazing and underrated by VS.

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Taylor looks so cute in the RTTR episode :wub6yh2cm: I've finally seen all the pics and I agree, this show is 65% bad for me (Martha's wings in DA what are thoooose?). Elsa looked great in both outfits, Josephine looked so good in the tartan one (what's the name of the segment? I can't remember, sorry), Sara and Jasmine deserve better but at least Jas got the opening, Lais looked beautiful in Celestial, Stella looks good in the Golden one but that opening is a no for me, Taylor is cute but needs more energy although I don't think she did it that bad, will have to wait to see it properly. 

Candice deserve better, Behati doesn't look bad and Adriana almost made me cry. Loved a lot of the newbies and I'm happy Gizelle got a great outfit because I like her, she deserves it after all the press she gave them last year. My baby Sui is looking great and at least they didn't murder her in that MK segment, Ming Xi deserves better with that puffy skirt. Grace looks stunning, I'm so happy.


sorry for that rant and thank you all for your hard work posting everything :heart:

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7 hours ago, phenobarbie said:

Yes the fact that they don't care about what we have to say and the fact that even if they read this they wont take any of it to heart. Ed literally said he got rid of his instagram because of comments like you all are making. It just pisses them off and makes them even less inclined to take any criticism. Holy fuck, you all literally rip everything they do apart before it's even out, what makes you think they'll take that negativity to heart after the fact when they're judged before the final product is seen.


They do not give two shits what a bunch of random people on a forum have to say, especially when 90% of what is said is negative regardless of what they do. What you guys are doing isn't constructive criticism, it's just straight negative and it's depressing. Literally it makes people not even want to come on here because it's all just bitching.


This plus 100000

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My assumtion:


-For me I like the outfits 50/50

- Celestial angels and Fly something was my favorite segments

- I think Celestial will be in my top 10.


Adriana, so beautiful, melted my heart seeing her crying, happy the way they say goodby to her ( wish similar for Ale). End of an era. Always VS QUEEN.

Behati looks so much better on the show than at the fittings. Anyway I think she will leave after the show and I'm personally ok with it. Never huge fan of her look, I like her personality though.

Candice, my baby looks really good, I don't like segment opening outfit ( but she always gets one of the best outfits so it's ok for once) but her outfit in Celestial was EVERYTHING 😍 wooow love it. Hope she's stay 1 or 2 years but she looks so over VS.

Sara, you know I love her- her personality, energy and look. I like her outfit in Celestial. She is a full package for VS  but I think I already say all about it. Sad for my favorite hard-working beauty.

Tylor like always I think she has a beautiful face and she's very lucky because she doesn't have to work her ass she gets everything on a plate. Most boring opening ever, but to be fair VS did not help with this music.

Martha- I always forget about her. I don't find her pretty at all, I'm trying but no. Anyway she seems to be a sweetheart and gets good looks. I will be ok if it's her last year.

Stella- Girl can't walk, sorry. Looks better this year but again I want Lorena or Grece instead of her.

Jasmine looking pretty good like always, I like her outfits and happy for the opening even if it's MK

Jo she is second most screwed by VS this year after Sara, she at least close the segment but how they could give her this horrible outfit and Kendall two amazing one.

 Lais, amazing outfit in Celestial, always looking good. I need to see how she handle this opening in editing version cause she walk is a little boring to me but she defend her self with that amazing body.


Like I said before VS should:

-Replace Monika and for sure Sofia.

- Let VS angels be important again, more press, more interviews..

- More feminine sexy outfit, more lingerie no freaking dress.. less Is more.

- Next year 3 outfits for angels, they will be allowed to choose them before the models, and one segment only with angels third outfits.





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35 minutes ago, Rca said:

Awn, felt a little bad for Taylor when she said “I don’t open shows” while discovering she was opening the vsfs. Now I can give her opening some credit because poor little thing... Happy for her! ❤️ 

Is there a video of this?

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