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  1. Love it or hate it, the only new contracts that could save VS from drowning would be A class names, just like Kaia Berger, Irina or the Hadids. At this point, no one care enough to learn the names of the angels, no matter how gorgeous Lorena is, for instance. Barbara was an excelent choice, but none of the others bring anything exciting
  2. It's not offensive. It's just boring all that spam 🙄
  3. I'm really excited about Barbs! She's drop dead gorg and I love her body (Yey to some meat)
  4. I adore this Livy colection, but the pricepoint is ridiculous and the fact that this brand isn't even part of the VS doesn't make any sense to me? It's a weird shout out
  5. Scarlet

    General Discussion

    VS uploaded the full show in their youtube account.. It's the first time they have done this, right? Weird..
  6. Scarlet

    General Discussion

    A hundred years may pass and I'll never get over Alexina's walk.
  7. Scarlet

    General Discussion

    She unfollowed everyone a few months ago. Ed still had IG. That's when the rumors of being her last show intensified
  8. Scarlet

    General Discussion

    I wonder what happened between VS and Adriana.. She unfollowed Ed, VS and some of the angels a while ago and dropped this year besides her goal of reaching 40 while walking the show. And now, she only mentioned VS in a mandatory goodbye post, nothing else..
  9. Scarlet

    General Discussion

    12.30: - Who's the VS angel you're most excited to see? - Kendall...
  10. Thank you so much Fingers crossed it will have a sexier vibe than the pj stuff!
  11. I'm sorry if this was already posted but I've been offline in the last weeks. Did the Holiday commercial already come out? I've only seen the pjs pics, nothing else.. (or are the pj pics all there is? )
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