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Yesh, what an awful issue! SI is as good as dead with the currnet people at the helms of the sinking ship :ninja: I'm just happy Olivia's shoot turned out decent among a very few others I'm fond for. Other than that, SI is long gone for me (has been for some time) as many others have indicated as well. Oh well, no use in following it next year if they don't completely overhaul those who create the issue. And holy shit Hunter's shoot is freaking insane for allowing an OBVIOUS OBESE individual to front their magazine :rofl: Who in their right mind looks at that and says "yep, this is a healthy message we want to send sane people and those who are simply looking to crank one out." :rofl: They might as well do a "People of Walmart" issue since apparently any type is suited for the magazine? :rofl: 

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8 hours ago, MV007 said:


What happened between them? Alexis has no business being in a traditional SI swim issue but given the nonsense this year she would have been an improvement over many. 

idk just read they hadn't reached good terms a few pages back.

5 hours ago, peroxideblonde said:

if Camille got the cover thanks to her boyfriend i hope Anne is next since she's dating a famous basketball player :rofl:

is Lais boyfriend famous too? on IG he's a flop :rofl: she have more followers than him


@Stromboli1 can you enlighten me?

Joakim used to be a good MVP-calibre player. he tanked last season but he had a decent comeback in Memphis this year. 

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11 hours ago, Enrico_sw said:

They won't stop, because we're not the target.


They will stop because they'll lose their audience. People who actually still purchase (lol) Swimsuit Issue are not doing it so that they can watch few fatties roll over the beach like stranded whales.


10 hours ago, Stromboli1 said:

SI & VS both suck now and have nowhere near the clout they used to have. 


True. Being a VS Angel means literally nothing these days. If you asked some random person who the Angels are I bet they would still name Ale, Adriana, Candice, Gisele...


New girls are literally unknown to the general population.

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LMAO voting ROTY is even more useless now..don't waste your time, they will choose the ROTY without looking at the poll :rofl:

brand ambassador? now i know why Alexis is not back, she doesn't give a fuck about SI :rofl: she never posted ONE pic from her shoot, just a few bts


since Camille got the cover (i can see her getting both tbh) maybe Haley since she post about SI 3902429835 times a day

or someone between Halima/Winnie/Tara = diversity blah blah blah

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