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  1. From the 2021 issue called "Burger King Broads" 2022 turned into "Dollar Store Dames." If your 15 year old boy takes this issue into the bathroom and locks the door be very, very worried.
  2. First time in a long time I never even visited their website. Not going to look at Girls of Golden Corral. That being said they must not care
  3. I remember when every guy used to want to date an SI supermodel. Well now you can, just go to your local Golden Corral and ask one out LOL.
  4. Liz is starting to get that vegan look with eye circles and emaciated form. I hope she's getting the necessary animal fats. Is she vegan?
  5. Gen is my favorite 40 plus model
  6. Wow, congrats to Lena. Her husband is beautiful too. Family is the ultimate success in life.
  7. I feel sorry for her. Going for a useless degree in your late 20's past your prime child bearing years? Pointless. True happiness is from having a beautiful family. I only wish we had started sooner. Liz is getting old.
  8. Liz looking great. Going vegetarian for her tonight. 🥥 🥥 🍑 🍆
  9. Please don't send them to me. I spent $60 on other sets and don't want to see another.
  10. Unless Gen is releasing a 60 minute video of her bumping uglies with Brooklyn Decker I'm not going to attempt getting this by the wife. 😉
  11. I hope everyone's happy. Many have asked for new work.
  12. I think men would pony up again if she did color and charged $5 for 30. I spent money to support her art but the value proposition got way out of whack at the end, and some people were willing to share at that point. JMO
  13. From looking at the pics they all appear to be a few years old. I don't think she is creating new content. I would message her to find out. My guess is no.
  14. Props to Gen for getting in shape for those photos. Probably the best figure in the world when those were taken...Hopefully she does more
  15. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said what came to mind.
  16. Got you to reply. It's overpopulated in both aspects. The Chinese are colonizing Africa economically. The economic situation should improve.
  17. Beautiful model. She looks constipated in every photo.
  18. Every nation in sub-Saharan Africa is 3rd world. They are already overpopulated for their economic status. Even doubling the population there is illogical.
  19. Don't argue with me. Take it up with the statisticians. The birthrate for sub saharan African is insanely high. 4 billion is the number.
  20. Africa's biggest problem in the 21st century is overpopulation. They are projected to be at 4 billion.
  21. They weren't even risqué. Not sure what you're mad about. I see worse on Instagram daily. I would love to see Liz do some artistic B/W nudes. She has an amazing body and it would be clever to immortalize it. Time waits for no man or woman.
  22. Genevieve is beautiful and I would like to see her share more art including color but alas I don't think it's going to happen. 99% of people respected her wishes but malicious websites shared her photos. It's a shame because her body is a work of art, and she works very hard to keep it that way. I wish her the best.
  23. It's time to end the swimsuit issue. When I can find random people on the street and make a better issue you know it's past its prime. The people making the issue lack talent and creativity. It's been bad but now it's dead.
  24. Ugh he is **edited**. Not sure why Liz has a thing for such **edited** guys.
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