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  1. Barbara Palvin

    Because we are talking about that spectacle of creative, editing and directing ineptitude called Love Advent. Every year they manage to invite many of the best models in the world only to produce mostly terrible results. I bet if they were to hire some random film school students to shoot these clips the results would be much better.
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I don't understand why Taylor's Instagram is so popular. She is very pretty, of course, but I find her Instagram very boring. And Stella's top 3 most liked has two pics with Elsa, she should post pics with Elsa more often. I am surprised that not one picture of her and Barbara Palvin made it to top 9, considering that Barbara has more followers than Elsa.
  3. Georgia Fowler

    Georgia has such a memorable face and pretty smile that it's really hard to take your eyes off her.
  4. Frida Aasen

    Super hot in the VSFS. As much of a big mess as the show is these days, it's a great way for me to discover new favourite models. Walking after Kelly and before Stella, whom I adore, and outshining them both, pretty amazing. Of course, VS, in their infinite wisdom, gave her only one outfit.
  5. Stella Maxwell

    The pics from the Aspen shoot are so hot and yet the resulting VS commercial is so boring and underwhelming.
  6. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    I don't understand why Kelly and Georgia got only one outfit each, they were great last year and looked marvelous this year too. In other news, Frida is hooooot. I am surprised no one has complained about cultural appropriation and stereotyping the Chinese yet... Or maybe someone has?
  7. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    What's with Bella's facial expression? When she walks for VS she always looks like she hasn't the slightest clue what's going on... such empty eyes. Nadine's booty shake was nice. Karlie slew, of course. Whoever came up with the colour combinations for Nomadic Adventure was either trolling or colour blind. Does Josephine pretend to be an anime character or she is really as perky and over-the-top enthusiastic when the cameras arent't rolling, I wonder? Anyway, I just don't understand why VS thinks she is the awesomest spokesmodel ever. Adriana's outfits from 1999 and 2000 look so simple compared to the overly complicated outfits of today's VS. Anyway, on first viewing I liked it probably because expected little. The music was tolerable, I haven't seen any captivating new faces yet but my favourite models seemed to do all right, if not spectacularly well. Taylor looked much more animated than last year, her walking right after Lais was probably the highlight of the whole show.
  8. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    True but who on earth would watch a fashion show just for the musical performances? It's not like you can't find videos and and concerts of these same performers on youtube with no effort whatsoever. Plus, they are musicians, the people who tune in for them can listen to their music without the director cutting to them every two seconds. Show them a few times and everyone should be happy. Yes, I don't understand the "cute and relatable" Angels strategy either. They are lingerie models. They need to be super sexy first and foremost, not pretend they are BFFs and behave like high school girls...
  9. Kelly Gale

    In the interview on Australian TV linked above they said Kelly walks 30 km every single day. And she does all kinds of other exercises. I thought people were exaggerating her workout obsession but that sure sounds way too much.
  10. Kelly Gale

    Well, she posted videos of food today on her Instastories. Could be a good sign or it could be more of that ultra-healthy food that helped make her look so skinny in the first place.
  11. Stella Maxwell

  12. Kelly Gale

    Only one outfit? VS are so clueless sometimes.