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  1. The first pictures from the new VS campaign look promising.
  2. That commercial... it's like whoever had to come up with the ideas for it decided not to overthink it and that the only idea they were going to follow would be "sex sells". Fine by me. Stella looks mighty fine.
  3. I have no idea how prestigious this award but it's always nice to see Stella get some recognition. And she looks simply amazing. The eye makeup is really on point and makes her eyes look even more enchanting than usual.
  4. She was at Jasmine's birthday party last year, not sure about this year. But yes, I don't see why anyone should believe the VS marketing nonsense about all the Angels being BFFs. Some probably are genuinely close, most probably aren't. Just like co-workers in any other kind of job.
  5. Everyone looks pretty good, is it known who the photographer is? It is really reminiscent of Bellemere's last year shoot for Vogue Spain. Also, just to get in the spirit of things - in one of the pics Taylor is saying something funny to Stella, this clearly means she can't stand Sara and Romee and Jasmine and even her dog. Am I doing this right? And I guess I will be one of the few who will miss Martha if VS drops her.
  6. Yay for another Maxvin reunion! The L'Oreal Paris dinner pics are marvelous.
  7. Usually I find the runway pictures rather boring because the models' facial expressions are deliberately kept as bland as possible but these are really nice, Stella looks fierce and hot. Plus, underboob.
  8. Wow, Stella is all smiles in the clips with Romee, you don't see that too often. And thanks once again, @sweetxlaments!
  9. Stella's looking great on the pics with Bella but of course, the focus in them is on Miss Nepotism...
  10. Thanks for all the VS pics, sweetxlaments. I have recently been going back through this thread from its start and I can't believe I have been on this forum for more than two years and yet until recently I hadn't noticed the amazing hotness of Kelly Gale. Big mistake. But the idiots from VS noticed her years ago and still haven't made her an Angel - an even bigger mistake, IMO.
  11. Because she is obviously going to replace Martha and Stella who were at that party but were inexplicably left out of this all important photo, duh. Ming Xi was awesome in the last VSFS, so I hope if there is to be a Chinese Angel it would be her.
  12. Sure, Taylor isn't quite as skinny as Martha or Stella (yet) but the difference isn't all that noticeable, that's all I am saying.
  13. VS needs to lay off the bronzer and the fake tan and stop trying to make their blonde Angels look like surfer girls. Romee has the blandest of facial expressions in 97% of her shoots. And she looks amazing in the other 3%, Taylor is rather skinny herself, is she not?
  14. I understand that, that's why my comment was mostly tongue-in-cheek.