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  1. Robin Holzken

    Just me or VS photoshops Robin's face way too much? I swear I wouldn't even recognize her half the time if the pictures weren't posted in this thread.
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Jo's caption says so excited but her face says bored to tears.
  3. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Stella's dress is amazing which is surprising because Moschino runway shows are such a hot mess but the hair kind of ruins the effect.
  4. Romee Strijd

    Romee looks super hot but you gotta wonder who would actually buy such a revealing wedding dress.
  5. Stella Maxwell

    ^ Typical Stella - so many pics, yet not a single one on which she is smiling.
  6. Cindy Mello

    Hot as hell.
  7. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Me too. Then again I mostly like the current Angle line-up too, while most people in this thread complain non-stop about it, so... Adding Georgia, Ming and/or Cindy would be nice to see too, though, I wish they would replace VS's darlings Jo and Romee, rather than the barely used of late Stella and Martha. But that's never going to happen.
  8. Carmella Rose

    Stunning. Simply stunning.
  9. Jasmine Tookes

  10. Lauren de Graaf

    I know many have said it already but I have to repeat it - she has just such a strikingly beautiful face.
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    What scum that agent is.
  12. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Exactly. It's frankly bizarre seeing a campaign against sexual objectification in a magazine whose main goal seems to be how to show as much nudity as possible without turning into Playboy. Posing naked for art can be empowering. Posing naked for a magazine which has made teasing its audience with Kate Upton's breasts into a sort of art form... not so much. Anyway, Lais should have gotten the cover. Barbara looks super hot in half of the photos and has some weird facial expression in the other half, same as last year and the year before. I am not a big fan of Ben Watts' work with her for SI, to be honest.
  13. Robin Holzken

    Where has this girl been all my life? She is super hot.
  14. Kate Upton

    The Queen of SI Swimsuit strikes again. All hail the Gr8 K8!
  15. Lais Ribeiro

    Perfection, thy name is Lais.