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  1. The clothes in the Elle Italia editorial are hideous. Stella looks amazing in the VS holiday commercial photos. Not that i expected anything less, of course.
  2. She sure is ramping up the hotness factor on her IG lately. The last three pics are just wow.
  3. Yes, more of that, please VS. And less of things like not even showing Martha's face in the latest commercial. Talk about awful editing. Lais looks fantastic in the commercial but then again, when does she not look fantastic?
  4. Killing it in the latest commercial (though Lais is killing it even more ;)).
  5. She is killing it for VS as usual.
  6. Magnificent.
  7. Nudity: So, either Russel James really likes Stella or he tends to go a little overboard when wishing people a happy birthday.
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday, Kelly!
  10. Some of you guys care more about the stupid fantasy bra way more than the Angels do. In other news, I still don't understand how Kelly Gale is not an Angel. One of the mysteries of the universe.
  11. What a goddess. Killing it both for H&M and VS.
  12. Kim K is Hollywood royalty now? Colour me stunned.
  13. Simply stunning.
  14. Terrific editorial. Go Super Karlie!
  15. So gorgeous at the Met Gala. New VS commercial is nice too. Thanks to everyone for the adds.