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  1. Most of the potential VS customers are only ever going to see her in photos and in the fashion show, though. Being a good spokesperson is probably not that much of a priority now as they have so many Angels. Plus, VS seems to like this kind of cringe - see Skriver, Josephine.
  2. I honestly don't understand why any celebrity would bother reading comments about them on social media, so much petty hatred and/or stupidity. What about Alanna Arrington? A safe choice, admittedly, but people seem to love her in the youtube comments for the last VSFS. Leomie is always great on the runway, no idea how popular she is, though. Personally, I would love Kelly Gale the most.
  3. Indeed. True, it's the shippers who are convinced that Karlie and Taylor are secretly dating that can be a bit crazy.
  4. People hated Karlie?!? My fate in humanity took yet another hit. Can you imagine the shitshow if she were to return? There would be lots of whining about her husband and Donal Trump plus tons of posts from idiots convinced she is secretly dating Taylor Swift, it would be glorious.
  5. Most people don't have the slightest clue who Alexina is, I suspect. Making fun of Kardashians/Jenners, now that's a popular hobby on the internet.
  6. Well, yeah, considering that most comments contradict each other, it's hard not to. Imagine if they hired Kendall. The internet will break for real.
  7. Of course it's important but social media can be a really twisted mirror. If you judge by youtube comments only you would think no brand would get any benefit from hiring the Hadids or Kendall Jenner, for example. Don't get me wrong, I have other favourite models who I think would do a better job for VS than Alexina, this doesn't make all the indignant comments about how VS dared hire someone other than [insert a favourite model] any less hilarious. Maybe that's why the company is in dire straits and have now decided to not always do what IG comments tell them to.
  8. If Alexina cared so much about what people on the internet say about her she would have quit modelling or at least social media years ago.
  9. Some Grace Elisabeth's fans are trying to emulate the worst Behati fans, it seems. Then again, it's youtube comments, stupidity reigns supreme in there.
  10. True but Barbara is one of the few models who are really beloved on Instagram and have a negligible amount of idiotic haters. Plus, she returned after a five years absence, this made it more of a feel good story than yet another opportunity for people to complain that VS dared choose someone other than one of their favourites.
  11. I am thrilled too, I don't understand why people are so offended just because Alexina can be overly enthusiastic sometimes.
  12. Instagram comments are a cesspool. I sure hope no brand cares much about them because if they did they wouldn't do anything because 90% of the comments are petty complaints, lol.
  13. Guess who is the newest VS Angel. Congrats to Alexina!
  14. So, Alexina is now an Angel too. Congrats to her and I am awaiting the meltdown here.
  15. Thanks for all the Aritzia pics, @LenoreX! Much appreciated. Lauren's beauty leaves me breathless sometimes.
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