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The Most Annoying Fan


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I'm smelling a flame war :war: about to happen. Eh, isn't starting a thread like this asking for problems? I mean, I agree that some fans of some models take their obsession a bit overboard, BUT thanks to that obsession the model threads are always frequently updated with new pics! :flower:

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cuz i don't want to offend the fans.

but ok i'll do it. i'll say it adriana's fans, they think she is god.

your turn

"cuz I don't want to offend the fans"

Yet aren't you the one that started the thread? Isn't that irony?

exactly! i don't see why you started a thread that lets face it is gonna cause controversy, yet you too shy to view your opinions yourself :/ and want us to go first lol :ninja:

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:clap:Jade**, I have to admire your chutzpah here - it's the thread we've all been waiting for!!! But Lost_Soul is right (Edit: and Nightlife) - have the courage of your convictions here: Offend away! Name and shame! and let's see how long it all lasts... :whistle:

As for me, I really hate 'extractor fans'. They take all the moisture away, and leave my skin feeling all dehydrated. DON'T TAKE AWAY MY MOISTURE! Most annoying.

post-11221-0-1446074659-24613_thumb.jpg < :angry:

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The starting of this thread is obviously wrong on every level, so I'll close it obviously. But I will say this. When I came to Bellazon, I was admittedly surprised at the degree of model fandom. Bellazon is a parallel universe where models are A list celebrities. Do fans have a tendancy to be unrealistic and overly optimistic about their favorites? Yes. Do fans go overboard sometimes? Yes. But I will say this. Could Petra beat Hilary Rhoda in the Thickest Eyebrows Comp? Probably. I may not think either Adriana, Gisel, Petra, Josie, Bianca, Isabeli, Natasha, Laetitia, Doutzen...are the most beautiful woman in the world or even the most beautiful famous person. I may shudder everytime I read a sentence about Valentina shinning like the angels or such.

I may not like a lot of things, but I'll say this. The fact that models even have strong fans at all on the level of celebrity fans and sports fans, I find to be wonderful thing. People like ver.on.ika, dia, layla and on and on who love their favorites whether they be in or out. Any model would love to know they have such fans. And while sometimes fandom in anything can be annoying, I believe the good more than outweighs the bad :) .

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twilight fan are annoying.

all they do is talk about twilight.

the megan fox fans are annoying too, have you been to the imdb website

if you go to megan fox, and jessica alba thread in the imdb, they are so


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