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  1. nice gif. anything new from her.
  2. talking about long chin. jennifer aniston has a longer chin than esti.
  3. she kind off reminds me of olga kurylenko.
  4. If VS hire her, they would make a lot more money, she would be their next heidi/marissa model. If they don't hire her that would be something so stupid vs would do, they would lose all the money that kate could make for their company. and that would be a lot of money the girl is freakling sexy and that is all what vs is all about been sexy. it seems that everybody has a thing for kate, so far she has plenty of fans for a started.
  5. 0 she's not annoying at all. I actually like her. she seems sweet. I also like her smile and her cute dimple
  6. VS needs to make her an angel the soonest possible, kate is so damn sexy. by the way can someone please make some of her GIF for SI and upload here.
  7. my favorite Kate. my other favorite Esti, Hilary, Alyssa and Kenza needs to go Cintia. others that need to live shannan, anne v, damaris, julie, brooklyn, jessica white, izabel
  8. can someone upload all her black and white pictures
  9. can someone make me a gif from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFtK6tH8sm0...feature=related the soonest possible please.
  10. She's amazing. I would be very happy if I see her walking in the vs fashion show, she has a amazing figure. would love to see her in the vs supermodel list in vsallaccess with the other model. She would be my perfect angel for vs.
  11. I went to a grocery store today, and there is no magazine. does somebody know when is the magazinegoing to appear in stores?
  12. there is better pictures of irina that could have been the cover
  13. Hilary Rhoda is to classic looking for SI.
  14. I also like Kenza, she kind of reminds me of olga kurylenko and sophia marceu. why shannen? they should have julie ordon instead of shannen, or cintia, and izabel,
  15. I just saw the show. I expected more from the models. I just a better version of the cover picture in twitter
  16. I thought the cover model was reveal already. I saw it in the previous pages. I am actually watching the show right now.
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