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Its not what it looks like :ninja: !

Well...I guess it is :nicole: :ninja: .

But the breast holding or covering pose is one of the most basic, common and timeless of all sensual poses in all forms of modeling. The pose is timeless because its both sensual and somewhat artistic and classy-ish and very femenine and is thus virtually fool proof to the point of requiring neither great modeling skill, nor a particularly sensual nature, nor even any particular type of breasts in general. A large % of models (regardless of genre) have at least one of these in their portfolio, so there's a strong chance one of your favorites belongs here. Come one, come all :actor: !

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Thanks, glad you like another one of my topics :heythere: . You'll have to show me how to size these pics like this sometime. I was about to post that Marisa one ironically and also that Emmanuella one (one of my favorites of her :blush: and her skin looks so super yummy there too :blush: ...) But here's another one...

Yeah, her skin is perfection :chicken:

I love that pic too. Here's a better quality version, if you don't have it :) -> post-19363-0-1446077195-72719_thumb.jpg

Dam donbot posted one of the alina pics i wanted to post :p

No worries. More alina, i think i got more, when i'm less tired i'll post more :p

Somehow I knew you'd say that :D

Great additions though :heart:

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