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The Totally Spurious Victoria's Secret Thread


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...Especially when u have another girl able to raise and spread her 2 arms at the same time

to deliver her message of luv :heart:

Epic supremacy

^I aim to keep this thread customarily spiky and surly - so I almost feel bad by being sentimental and 'warm and fuzzy' over this lovely little tribute (thank you 'kiki)!

Oh, hell, "aaaaaw" it is Jennka! Break out the ':wub:' emoticon: :wub::laugh:

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BehA and I we had a long talk on the phone before the show and I wanted her to write something more kinky -ya know me! :p - Something like: "THAT BIG! This is how I love my BaronOfFratton" But she said "no! it's not only a question of size with my Baron, it's also romantic feelings" (I could swear she blushed :blush: over the phone) and she wrote this herself with the coloring crayons she borrowed to Erin or Lindsey.

So all the Credit is for BehA (Y)

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It's with an A like Alessandra, not an E like Erin.

that's right my name is LindsAy with A like Alephant


And me Erin


I know her name's Lindsay with an A because I wrote it myself on all her panties and thong & our little pony toys because we were use to mix up everything during our lingeries parties. Am I clever or what?

And moi Kiki


I Epology for my misteke :ermm:

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Haha some of the comments on "Who'd you rather?" are funny.

(by MightyMad)

We've got to choose? C'mon - those girls are like Pokemons - gotta catch them all!!!

(by _][ Character_Assassin ][_ )

How come the mannequins in the background aren't on the list?

(by the artist formerly known as hand turkey)

I'd just rather myself.

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What is this? A ham? Doutzen's placenta? Or maybe Candice is actually a living Barbie doll? :blink: she is detachable!
^Superb, mam'selle 'kiki! :thumbsup:

I don't know what it could be PinkCouture, but it reminded me of this (an old penny post from THE ODDITORIUM) :


Evidently Candice got that thing lasered off before the show anyway, thank goodness. What the hell is up with these 'art directors'? :idk:

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@VSKylie Kylie Bisutti

For all of you that were looking for me in the Victorias Secret runway show this year, I wasn't in it. I have decided not to model lingerie because I personally feel that I am not honoring God or my husband by doing it. My marriage is very important & with divorce rates rising I want to do everything I can to protect my marriage and be respectful to my husband. God graciously gave me this marriage and this life and my desire is to live a Godly faithful life, I don't however judge others for what they do. Everyone is convicted on different levels.

^I'm sorry - was that VSKylie? You know VS as in Victoria's Secret who you are saying are not honouring 'God'? Hmmm... It might just be me but I'd say drop the VS, VSKylie - and then you'll have more of a leg to stand on and won't be mistakenly taken for somebody still attempting to cash in on their name. But that might just be me...

Also, I'd maybe suggest NOT posing in bikinis for Maxim's 2012 calendar as you are in that picture up there (OK, I added the halo). Because, you know, maybe that could be misconstrued too.

Bikinis aren't lingerie though are they VSKylie - so I suppose it's all fine in 'God's' eyes. Far be it for me to think you're showing just as much flesh and therefore not honouring 'Him' or your husband - and making divorce rates rise whatever the hell that may mean?

Didn't you spout all this gubbins last year (when you were surplus to requirements) too, VSKylie?

I'm not "convicted" on any level...

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You're so silly Baron, of course God thinks bikinis are fine! Lingerie is for hookers who don't care about God or their husbands

VSKylie is right about all she said, I'm so happy that she is trying to separate herself from Victoria's Secret ... You're doing great VSKylie :heart:

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Some time, somewhere, the idiocy will blossom, and you, VSKylie Kylie KylieVS, will gain the flower power to conquere the world with your tits holyness.

And I will wait for you.

With my chainsaw in one hand and pissed-off God behind my back. :knives:

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