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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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I mean, if you have a camera and some Barbie dolls with fabric and scissors you could do your own and it would probably be better and have the same production value.

That way you can also play Motorhead or Headpins or something in the background until the youtube overlords whack you over the head for DMCA stuff.

I suggest something with polka dots while they play the accordion down the aisle.

Show the versatility.

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VS really got it all wrong, they had to keep the fantasy the brand was they just had to diversify the line-up and keep the exclusivity of the angel contact, so they could keep the old costumers happy and bring it the new era of costumers. The concept inside VS wasn't all bad, they just had to turned around and instead of being a "fantasy for men" they had to go with "fierce women power", but maybe they had to bring everything to the ground to rebuild it again, idk I don't have a business degree, maybe they do know better.

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Since a while ago I posted the model measurements of those who disclose it on the VS web site, here they are in a more digestable format. One surprise to me is how normally busty (for models) women, like Kelly Gale and Josephine Skriver, do not wear sizes as might be perceived. Also, the fact that many of the otherwise prominent VS models like Lais, Taylor, etc. have opted out of displaying their measurements (which is their right). Abbey Ries is currently identified as wearing a 34DD (E) but previously was a 34B and my perception is that she is not a 34DD. Anyway this is not for body shaming but just for curiosity. 


name height   cup size 2
Danielle Russell 5'9" 36 D L/Regular
Tatiana Williams 5'10" 36 DDD (F) L/Regular
Anna Ling 5'8" 38 D L/Regular
Mahogany Wade 5'8" 34 DDD (F) L/Regular
Hayley Foster 5'10" 36 DD (E) L/Regular
Hannah Woldetsadik 5'5" 36 DD (E) L/Regular
Kylie Frink 5'11" 38 C L/Regular
Anabel Krasnotsvetova 5'8" 32 B XXS/Regular
Anastasia Savelyeva 5'7" 36 DD (E) L/Regular
Aalyah Ross 5'10" 34 C S/Regular
Frankie Calvancanti 5'8" 34 C S/Regular
Chloe Melton 5'8" 32 B S/Regular
Nastasya Generalova 5'9" 34 C M/Regular
Umi Ayikoshi 5'9" 34 A S/Regular
Haejin Lee 5'5" 32 A XS/Regular
Serguelen Mariano 5'10" 34 B S/Regular
Dien Kim 5'7" 32 B S/Regular
Nisaa Pouncey 5'9" 30 B S/Regular
Hyunjoo 5'9" 30 B S/Regular
Jasmyn Palombo 5'9" 30 B S/Regular
Daniela Braga 5'11" 32 B S/Regular
Renee Wilkins Foster 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Taelor Thein 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Megan Williams 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Georgia Fowler 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Mili Pineiro 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Monica Cima 6'0" 38 D L/Regular
Riley Montana 5'9" 30 B S/Regular
Solange Van Doorn 5'11" 38 C L/Regular
Julia Van Os 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Samantha Archibald 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Kelly Gale 5'11" 32 B S/Regular
Alana Felisberto 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Maggie Rawlins 5'7" 32 B S/Regular
Kelsey Merritt 5'8" 32 B S/Regular
Tami Williams 5'11" 30 B S/Regular
Chiharu Okunugi 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Ange-Marie Moutambou 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Chey Carty 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Robin Holzken 5'10" 34 B S/Regular
Amelia Milne 5'10" 38 DD (E) L/Regular
Enga Domingue 5'7" 36 DD (E) L/Regular
Lameka Fox 5'10" 34 A S/Regular
Lotta Kaijarvi 5'10" 32 A S/Regular
Lulu Bonfils 5'7" 38 DDD (F) L/Regular
Marquita Pring 5'11" 36 DD (E) L/Regular
Maya Stepper 5'8" 32 B S/Regular
Mia Kang 5'10" 36 C L/Regular
Nouri Hassan 5'8" 34 DD (E) M/Regular
Paige Reifler 5'8" 32 A S/Regular
Regitze Christensen 5'10" 34 C S/Regular
Rocio Crusset 5'9" 34 B S/Regular
Ronja Furrer 5'11" 36 B S/Regular
Kayla Michelle 5'9" 36 C M/Regular
Ruby Snowber 5'6" 32 C S/Regular
Ali Tate 5'10" 38 C M/Regular
Brooke Perry 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Keturah Myers 5'9" 36 B S/Regular
Anisha Sandhu 5'11" 34 A S/Long
Vineeta Seshasai 5'8" 38 D XXL/Regular
Addie Bach 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Abbey Ries 5'10" 34 B S/Regular
Jessie Li 5'10" 32 A S/Long
Rubina Dyan 5'9" 32 C S/Regular
Devyn Garcia 5'9" 36 C L/Regular
Jasmine Sanders 5'9" 34 B S/Regular
Ophelie Guillermand 5'10" 34 B S/Regular
Roosmarijn de Kok 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Alexina Graham 5'11" 34 B S/Long
Grace Elizabeth 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Leomie Anderson 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Lorena Rae 5'11" 34 B S/Long
Maia Cotton 5'9" 34 B S/Regular
Josie Canseco 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Vinetria Chubbs 5'8" 34 B S/Regular
Bola Edun 5'9" 30 B S/Regular
Ebonee Davis 5'9" 32 C S/Regular
Natalia Sirotina 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Melodie Vaxelaire 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Isilda Moreira 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Willow Hand 5'10" 32 B S/Regular
Carolina Rojas 5'10" 34 B S/Regular
Umi Akiyoshi 5'9" 34 A S/Regular
Lorena Duran 5'9" 34 DD (E) L/Regular
Sejal Sharma 5'8" 36 C M/Regular
Jocelyn Jimenez 5'8" 40 D L/Regular
Jacy Perrin 5'11" 36 D L/Regular
Josephine Skriver 5'11" 34 B S/Long
Sara Sampaio 5'9" 32 B S/Regular
Stella Maxwell 5'10" 34 B S/Regular
Barbara Palvin 5'9" 36 C S/Regular
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the last two posts are really neat! thanks for posting!


I used to love catching up on this thread, been reading it since 2013. It sucks that VS is now shit so no one really cares anymore. oh well, everything ends at some point. 

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Victoria’s Secret Partners With Black Transgender Model for the First Time

Emira D'Spain lingerie Victoria's Secret


Victoria’s Secret’s new Valentine is further proof of the lingerie and innerwear company’s continued transformation efforts.

After notoriously stating that the retailer had no interest in working with transgender models — or plus-size models, for that matter — in 2018 (comments made by L Brands then chief marketing officer Ed Razek during an interview with Vogue), Victoria’s Secret has done a complete about-face.

On Tuesday, TikTok beauty queen and beauty director at Paper magazine Emira D’Spain posted a video to her TikTok account for all of her 10 million-plus followers to see of her styling various Victoria’s Secret lingerie and sleepwear pieces into her outfit during a series she titled, “Valentine’s Day Single Girl Edition.”

“I’m obsessed,” D’Spain says of the pink sleepwear set with red hearts she’s donning during the video. “P.S., this robe from Victoria’s Secret is so cute.”



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