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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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Pretty good point, Vixen.


VS's fire is fading, but soon tiny flames will dance across the darkness. Maybe Etam live show will be one of these flames. They have Constance and she already has an angel's spirit.



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On 10/14/2021 at 9:06 AM, kells said:

Anyone else heard about the new podcast ' Fallen Angelwill examine the dark secrets behind the Victoria's Secret brand.?Fallen Angel” launches on Oct. 13, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday.

I haven't heard of that, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the information. 


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I mean, if you have a camera and some Barbie dolls with fabric and scissors you could do your own and it would probably be better and have the same production value.

That way you can also play Motorhead or Headpins or something in the background until the youtube overlords whack you over the head for DMCA stuff.

I suggest something with polka dots while they play the accordion down the aisle.

Show the versatility.

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VS will be torn down to the studs.  Executives will be replaced and the "brand ambassadors" will be sacked.  I think VS has too much cache to go away completely.  There are some business savvy ex-angels that could probably run the brand really well because they understand the business.  Maybe it's wishful thinking.

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VS really got it all wrong, they had to keep the fantasy the brand was they just had to diversify the line-up and keep the exclusivity of the angel contact, so they could keep the old costumers happy and bring it the new era of costumers. The concept inside VS wasn't all bad, they just had to turned around and instead of being a "fantasy for men" they had to go with "fierce women power", but maybe they had to bring everything to the ground to rebuild it again, idk I don't have a business degree, maybe they do know better.

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