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  1. Fitgirl88

    VS Model's ID

    Some VS girls to ID...thnx in advance
  2. Maybe it's good for VS to have some fresh faces.I would love to see a contract going to Lameka, Lorena or Lotta...
  3. As far as I know these have not been posted here yet...
  4. Is it me, or is the VS photo material not what it used to be...? It feels like VS is not putting so much effort in their photoshoots anymore, it is all boring and lots of white screen catalog style photo's. I mean come on, they have gorgeous models!! Years like 2014-2015 were good years with lots of stunning photoshoots (very fresh, lots of color, nice backgrounds and photo sets, very diffrent every time) I took these of Adriana as an example, I wish VS would be working on this level again. These pics really made me to buy their lingerie, the latest photo's don't give me that feeling
  5. Can someone be so kind to give me a quick update? I have been away for a few months, and I couldn't follow much VS news As far as I know these are still the current Angels: Leomie, Grace, Elsa, Candice, Barbara, Romee, Lais, Jasmine, Martha, Taylor, Sara, Josephine, Stella, Alexina. Any new angels? I have seen some new plus size models, and I noticed VS was working with Lorena a lot, but it seems they don't anymore? And what about Behati?
  6. Not posted yet, Seiko Lukia
  7. Fitgirl88

    Yang Mi

    As Fuyao in the Drama Legend of Fuyao
  8. Fitgirl88

    Yang Mi

    As Bai Qian in the Drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
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