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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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You all complain about no Asian,

but are okay with No latinas or middle eastern models. Latina models are hot especially the Colombian Daniela Lopez, Carla Ossa, Catalina Otalvaro, Sara Orrego, Karen Carreño, etc. Israelí women are very beautiful too Shlomit malka, yael shelbia, bar refaeli, esti ginzburg, etc.

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47 minutes ago, Prettyphile said:

And we're backing away from the subject of race in a thread dedicated to panty pushing and taking it to PM, k, thanks.


I didn't type this up to make myself happy BTW....


The subject of race always causes way too much tension around these parts so we gonna nip this in the bud before it turns into something that requires thread cleaning.  If you'd like to continue the subject by all means just start a big ole group PM and chow chow back and forth till your little hearts content.


Final warning, then posts will be cleaned. If it continues on past that, warnings will be handed out.

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Little late to the party, but I just saw Leomie is the newest angel and I'm thrilled! She's pretty awesome, and so beautiful.

Alex, while she resembles a certain actor from Poltergeist 2... :Angel:  I gotta say she's a refreshing change.


Candice, Behati, Romee, Lais, Lily, Jasmine, Elsa, Martha :wave:

Taylor, Sara, Stella, Leomie, Alex, Barbara, Jo :PinkCouture2:


Grace & Lo? any day now.. *waiting*


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