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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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52 minutes ago, camomille said:

Those sunglasses are awful, and they’re all between $110-115 lmao goodBYE

Ugh when will VS realize that if they're going to charge such high prices for their stuff, it's got to be good quality/not tacky. There's no incentive for people to buy their sunglasses/bras/whatever when they can get something that looks similarly cheap for half the price on asos, or pay a bit more and get something special from somewhere genuinely fancy. 

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How Victoria’s Secret Conquered China


A short stroll down Shanghai's major shopping thoroughfare of Huaihai Road, home to the brand's flagship, will invariably lead to multiple sightings of Chinese shoppers toting pink shopping bags emblazoned with the Victoria's Secret name. Dozens of stores have opened in the last two years, and online, it’s the fifth most popular women’s underwear brand on Alibaba’s Tmall, according to Bernstein.


Victoria’s Secret first entered China in 2018, but it was last year’s fashion show, held in Shanghai, that cemented its status. It was a high-profile debut years in the making, and a major pop cultural moment in China, even as ratings plunged 30 percent for the US broadcast. 


Victoria’s Secret has an unusual advantage: while its decades-old marketing strategy — equating beauty with being desired by men — may have run out of steam with US customers, it is a relatively fresh concept in China, where public displays of sexuality are only just losing their stigma. 


If they are doing good in China, they need a Chinese angel ASAP

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1 hour ago, ivancica said:

^ I'm so disappointed. 
I know that it was not supposed to be Michael Bay Rome or Paris thing but this is beyond lazy.




This is like a mix of old footage with added interviews with some of the girls, didn't like any of the commercials

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12 hours ago, almanaotemcor said:

God, their website sucks more every day. I miss so much when the sensuality overflowed in the girls that it was nice to see the catalogs and feel attracted to any product. If only they left that damn white background for their photos ...

I agree!!!


It seems like all they've been doing for a while now has just been stupid white wall...is that all they can afford or something? like that is a dead serious question!


I have lost so much interest in VS because the pictures (and most models recently) have all been super bland and boring. 

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8 hours ago, MarVS said:

Babs posted a selfie tagging VS and the make up team it maybe a tb from Miami or was shooting again?

Oooh I hope she continues with VS! Her first pictures, the black and white ones with Alexina, weren't very good at all. In the other pictures, she has no expression and looks dead behind the eyes. she looks devastatingly beautiful, however. I want her to get her emotions back and start being a good model again and continue with VS. I mean, even if she keeps doing the bored and dead look, whatevever, it's still better than most of the girls VS is using nowadays. 


I can't wait to see the Miami pictures! I don't like Miami as a city or setting, and I don't really care for lingerie pictures (I'd rather have swim or sport), but it's still Barbara so that's all I care about lol

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