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5 Stars No More???


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I was just wondering - can the 'Ratings' system (the stars under our names) go down as well as up? I only ask because, until this week I was the very proud owner of 5 stars; but logging on yesterday I noticed I've gone down to 4... :unsure:

Forgive the preciousness please, but why has this happened and just who would do such a terrible thing???


Yours bewilderedly...

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Yeah...I think the way of things is someone disagrees with you on something, clicks on your name and reduces your rating :/ or they may just think they are rating you fairly by giving you 4 stars and thus reducing your rating :pinch: . Maybe if enough people give you 5 it will go back up :idk: , but I think everyone's vote only counts once :/ .

Either way...don't sweat it bud you're 5 stars with us :flower: .

post-17304-0-1445978236-89586_thumb.gif post-17304-0-1445978236-91444_thumb.gif post-17304-0-1445978236-92791_thumb.gif

post-17304-0-1445978236-94141_thumb.gif post-17304-0-1445978236-95439_thumb.gif

Please do not post images/thumbnails side by side totaling more than 600 pixels in width. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture

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Hey Mods and Admins, I have a question.

Well, I know the number of stars a member gets is like an overall average rating....

But, once I was at somebody's thread, clicked 5 stars for this person, and then clicked again. I thought it would say: you can't vote twice or something, but I still could vote, so I voted a few times more :laugh: but I guess, only the first voting counts, cause this person's star rating didn't grow.....

[oh well, I just realised there is no question :ninja: ]

Does stars rating system is based only on members' "voting", or not only? I'm asking just because of my curiosity, I don't see a big difference wheter I have 5 or 4 stars :idk:

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baron...ccommon over to the 4 star table. ive got some kick arse red wine, some incredible argentinian beef

<and this is not innuendo, i mean steak>

and some witty conversation.oh look, ophelia's sitting here with me.

and we couldnt give a shit about how others rate us

im my mind, were 5 stars, all the way, baby :yes:

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Someone was probably just jealous :p .

I wish there was a way to automatically log who voted and what they voted :rofl: .

^Joe - I think it's the Bellazon Illuminati. Do not try to tell me they don't exist - we KNOW they're out there: Keeping the masses sated with pointless PiP'ing and making sure Adriana Lima wins everything... Oh lord - you're not one now too, are you??? :unsure:
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