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  1. Long time no see bud. How have you been?

  2. lets see if the real gamers can figure out which hardcore gamne this is
  3. zattoo

    I Am...

    me too a bit hahah - trying to wake up you had a long night
  4. hahaha F.E.A.R. looks way better on PC i loved that game (Y)
  5. zattoo

    I Am...

    listening to music
  6. hehe :D sry for being offline but a had a litlle work to do and tomorrow we go to NY :D

  7. I've had a concussion for the last month, just practiced for the first time, other then that i'm not bad :D

  8. How about you huh? :trout: You're way TOOOOOOOOOOO slow :blah:

  9. -3°C snow everywhere more new snow from last night
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