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  1. lets see if the real gamers can figure out which hardcore gamne this is
  2. {name}

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    me too a bit hahah - trying to wake up you had a long night
  3. hahaha F.E.A.R. looks way better on PC i loved that game (Y)
  4. {name}

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    listening to music
  5. hehe :D sry for being offline but a had a litlle work to do and tomorrow we go to NY :D

  6. -3°C snow everywhere more new snow from last night
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    listening to music
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    Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast World Tour 13.8.2009
  9. hahaha I'm sorry but i think i just had to post it
  10. tststs still 70 missing you're so slooooow :rofl:

  11. lol you just have to write if you need me :shifty: I've been a while offline through the holidays :D so how are you ^^ :D

  12. summer? you made a perfect picture so noone can see where you live i think it looks like Berlin haha
  13. I do haha lately I was playing Saints Row 2
  14. all 3 transporter and bourne movies XD
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