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  1. Just a heads up for those who stumble upon this post ... it looks like Mr. James linked the wrong Behati. Her real one should be @beeprinsloo.
  2. how the hell does this thing work?

  3. Of course! I know a lot of people who have skipped over the first season just because there wasn't as much "hype" over the 9th Doctor, but I think all the Doctor's are great! So yeah, totally start. :)

  4. should i start with the first season?

  5. Well, I'd recommend Doctor Who to anybody, but I watch most of the same shows as you, so odds are that you'll enjoy it. :D

  6. For a guy who likes Community,arrested development,scrubs, mad men, archer, better off ted,himym,dr.house,the walking dead, etc. etc...would you recommend Dr.Who to him?

  7. boooooooooo I've still got 5 months until finals. In fact. my new semester just started this week. -___-

  8. same here. 2 more months to finals (different school system) and after that i'm done with regular school.

  9. Taking up majority of my time. And how have you been as of late?

  10. how's school jude?

  11. to be honest, i'm just here to check out some progs you're all using^^
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