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Robert Pattinson

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No... because I said it didn't look anything like Rob from the beginning. AND I said it looks like it could be TomStu. So I don't feel too bad about my analysis of the picture. :)

Onto a couple new pics...


There are a tooon of pictures like these on the internet, but I only saved those two. I think he looks good with his hair cut.

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and another big thing is the guy with anne in that picture has no sideburns. rob ALWAYS has sideburns. i can't recall him ever shaving them off within the last few months.

GREAT observation. Why would he suddenly get rid of them. Nicely done Joyee.

haha thanks :)

oh my..it's so obvious that is Rob people, you're just trying to convince yourselves because you're all kinda jealous!

Anne is dating Robert Pattinson, get used to it ladies, it's not like he's gonna date one of us someday so...she's lucky!

Hahahahahahahaha that's Tom and Nettie from like a year ago! The analysis of this picture is hilarious though. I guess I'll confirm it for you...



Hahah. That's quite funnyy. I think hia haircut is pretty nifty. It's causing a downright sensation though...how crazy that paparazzi are taking pictures of him just cause he got a haircut?!?! That's how you know you're famous, I suppose. He has rather decent style. I wonder if he does it all himself. ; ]

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yeah...I'm just became a little fan of him :laugh:

He does look handsome :wub: but I think it is better with longer hair :wub:

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I think he looks good. :cain: He looks good most of the time to me.

He always look good :blush: :heart:

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