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Robert Pattinson

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It's from photoshop, it's not real....

how do you know?

well judging from the picture it just looks like it's photoshopped; the quality of the background and hair with the faces just dont look real. and plus she has a boyfriend that she's been with for a long time too...

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Just came across this today:


"Hey all!

I have great news! At least great news for me. The last book is going to be released next month. I wanted to read it in my native tongue. As you can notice, I am not that comfy with English. ;) I am most definitely going to read them in English later on though. It will be like starting all over again. Neat!

I was talking to my friend Jennie the other day. I lent her the books (not an easy thing to do)! She thinks that the English titles really sucks. I kind of agree with her, they are not especially innovative. Furthermore, I think the translator made a smashing job. The titles in our language are super!

Now that Jennie started obsessing over these books she wants to see "Twilight" more than ever. I am right there with her! As mentioned before, Jennie and I are the last on the planet not to have seen it. Pathetic really. Or is it pathetic wanting to see it so badly? Can´t decide there really.

I did something the other day that I haven´t done for maybe 2 weeks. I googled Robert Pattinson. There were lots of news about him dating this girl Annelyse Schoenberger. The rumour has it that they have been dating since July last year. So all of those interviews where he was saying that no one wanted him; he was just basically lying? I have no problems with people lying, I guess he just wanted to protect his personal life BUT, he sounded so sincere about the whole thing. He was like a breath of fresh air. Maybe it was just another part to play?

If the rumour is true they have been dating for approx. 7-8 months. Hey, that is not dating - that is a relationship. I heard once that a relationship reaches a specific point after 8 months: either you are through with each other, nothing but a fling, or it deepens into that thing we call love. Which one will it be for you Robert Pattinson?

(Nevertheless..committed or not..ever thine!)


Ps. Nothing wrong with a bit of love. I hear that is all you need. "

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same here. probably just a rumor. i figured that once twilight has been released that the cast would be attacked by paparazzi and tabloids, so i don't really believe things i hear nor read.

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