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Robert Pattinson

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yeah I posted the other half of that article on kristin stewarts thread. It basically just says that they are coping with their newfound fame by partying hard, and that it's affecting them in "bad" ways. Honestly its BS, cause they might have always been partying. The only difference now is that they're actually being stalked and photographed way more by paparazzi.

you mean that she took drugs before twilight? I don't think so...

no no. I do not know them personally and so I have no idea what they do in their personal lives. I just mean that Nobody really cared before, and now because they are so famous, people are "concerned" by it or whatever, but there really is no reason to. Those magazines photoshop their pictures insanely, and I for one am not going to claim she takes drugs. Now or before.

yeah but once one is famous they know that they are not going to have a personal life anymore :no: and they should be careful what they do :pinch: but I don't claim too that kirsten takes drugs-I have to see a clearer pic before I get convinced :/

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According to his girlfriend... anything new?

I found an interview in which Robert said:

SI: People say that you’re hiding your girlfriend. Is that true?

RP: I don’t want to get exposed, because I’m not looking for celebrity. At 16 I began to think about what I wanted to do with my life. To be on covers of magazines was not something on my list. (...)

SI: So this diary describes also your love stories?

RP: Yes. I fell in love only two times in my life. I had a great love story for 3 years.

So how we can relate it to Anna and this:

Robert tells Bliss magazine, "I've never really fallen in love, but I try to be as romantic as possible." :blink:

When I saw him first time I thought that he's so natural and sincere...

But now I have doubts:

- If he's with Ann why he repeat he's a single? It would be good for all this "fanpires" to know that he have gf. (if it's true). Those girls dream about marrying him, so maybe convincing that he's in relationship will stop all this craziness?

- Is there a possibility that in the contract he has to appear to be single and "available"?

- Is it because of Anna? Maybe she is afraid of Rob's fans? (but wait a minute...I heard that he liked strong women :p)

And after all I admire Kristen Stewart. "With her" everything is clear, there're no rumours - she has a boyfriend, but doen's talk about him to keep their privacy. And it's good. She's strong, brave girl.

And Robert? :blush:

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JUST about to post that one..you beat me to it :laugh: he does look gorgeous in it your right

baha I'm sorry. Just so long as it gets posted right?? Seriously, all men should be like him. Gorgeous, humble, sweet, gentlemanly, funny...the list goes on. His lack of ego makes him infinitely more attractive...and very..wantable.

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