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  1. thanx for all those great photo,s
  2. he looks dashing there cant wait too see his new movie
  3. hello there really cant wait for season 3 too start from games off thrones
  4. thanx for posting i love those photo,s esp where he smiles on
  5. have seen bourne 3 times now can,t wait for the dvd
  6. amazing actor since i saw him in swat with colin farrell his career is going well and he deserves it so much
  7. thanx for posting just love that man too bites
  8. thanx for posting i loved him in something borrowed,he was also in rizolli and isles there i found him and now in the client list
  9. thanx so much miss those guys so much can,t wait for new music and tour
  10. fuego

    Jason O'Mara

    some more photo,s
  11. fuego

    Jason O'Mara

    ason was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Drama and Theatre he moved to London, England, to further pursue his acting career. Time spent in British repertory theater led to major roles in some of Britain and Ireland's great theaters, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Almeida theater, London's West End (the Apollo and Comedy theaters) and the Gate Theatre, Dublin. Concurrently, he appeared in many British TV series for both the BBC and ITV. A move to the US in 2002 allowed Jason opportunities in Hollywood where he has played series regular roles on several network television shows. Jason and his family divide their time between the east and west coasts of America, and get back to visit Ireland as often as they can. One for the Money as Joe Morelli (2012) Terra Nova as Jim Shannon (2011) Trust Me as Stu Hoffman (1 episode, 2009) Life on Mars (US version) as Sam Tyler (ABC TV series 2008-2009) Grey's Anatomy as Philip (Where The Wild Things Are, Piece Of My Heart) (2008) Marlowe as Philip Marlowe (2007) Resident Evil: Extinction as Albert Wesker (2007) Men In Trees as Stuart (2006) Criminal Minds as Mill Creek Killer (2006) In Justice as Charles Conti (2006) The Closer as Bill Croelick (Fatal Retraction-2005, Controlled Burn-2008) CSI: Miami as Dr. Keith Winters (2004) The Agency as A.B. Stiles (2002–2003) Monarch of the Glen as Fergal MacLure (2001) Playing the Field as Lee Quinn (2001) The Cassidys as Dominic (2001) High Stakes as Greg Hayden (2001) Band of Brothers as First Lieutenant Thomas Meehan III (2001) Reach for the Moon as Ben Collier (2000) The Bill as DCI/Det. Supt. Richard Pallister (2000) The Mrs Bradley Mysteries as Jake Hicks (1999) Unfinished Business (1998) Peak Practice as Billy Matters (1998) Berkeley Square as Ned Jones (1998) Cause Of Death (1997) Gobble as the East Anglian Journalist (1997) Soldier Soldier as the medic (1996) Space Truckers as Chopper 3 (1996) Elodie (1996) Summertime as Father Pat (1995)
  12. you are welcome i love also katherine heigl i really love such movie a bit action but also a good laugh and some cute guys as a bonus
  13. cant wait too see more off david soon on bones
  14. cant wait too see more off david soon on bones
  15. love your siggs whis i could make such great things
  16. fuego

    Colin Farrell

    some more sweet colin can never have enough on him
  17. fuego

    Clive Owen

    got killer elite todaY so 2 off my fave guys going at eachother
  18. hope there will be more soon miss him so much thanx for posting all the great photo,s
  19. did anyone watched pan am i,ll hope there will be more i really liked it esp mikey
  20. same here he can do anytyhing and do it great
  21. thanx for all on jason love them all lots too watch
  22. damm he is so fine love those blue eyes saw him last in underworld 4 really need too see more off him
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