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    To have a true idea of man, or of life, on must have stood himself on the brink of suicide or on the door-sill of insanity, at least once.-Hippolyte Taine

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  1. Seems like you visit the site once in a while, but don't post it anymore... anyway, Happy 18th Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  3. where'd you find that? thats my old avi . my former username was doutzenambrosio
  4. i never read your comment that was posted on my page lol ya im a fan of him since a alot of years i like them alot but their not my favorite band.

    and im a girl lol

  5. I'm good too enjoying my winter holidays :P

    they're now one week longer because of the bad weather :D:D

  6. got together with family too. did fireworks the whole shabang

  7. im good :)

    what u doing?

  8. i was celebrating with my family..it was nice...& u?

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