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  1. PFW will happen, I hope we see a lot of Doutzen on the runway. I wonder if L'Oréal this year will launch a collection with any brand, usually they announce in June... I think it was canceled or that campaign in L.A may have been for that!
  2. Versace - Spring/Summer 2007
  3. I didn't understand why Hunkemöller asked us to send questions via Instagram if they only answered people who joined Zoom. It was so disappointing, now that everything is over I expect a contract with La Perla that uses photographers like M&M in campaigns or Etam that has a show in Paris! Some models have already returned to work, I hope the same will happen soon with her. Before that she did a shoot in L.A and then was on the set for L'Oréal, so far we haven't had anything maybe it was for the same contractor. We were lucky that she walked in a lot of shows last season, because the fate of the fashion weeks is still uncertain, I talked with Ian from Max Mara and he said that there will be a show in September, but in a different way.
  4. Hunkemöller's live was a waste of time!
  5. Hunkemöller's live on YouTube:
  6. Tomorrow's live was canceled? I'm not finding Hunkemöller's Instagram post and I don't know what time it will be, as there is a time difference and I risk waking up when the live is over.
  7. Hunkemöller is collecting the questions for the live with Doutzen in their Instagram stories, I already sent 5! I hope that in the live they choose mine and that we can send more, because sending through stories has character limits.
  8. Great, time to ask some questions that we want to know the answers for a while!
  9. Dolce & Gabanna F/W 2005. Just kidding, I think the last Doutzen's editorials I liked was Peter Lindbergh's for Vogue US, despite not having anything very different, but I really like Rave New World by Mario Sorrenti for W, her Miu Miu first campaign in 2013 is brilliant. The fact is that we need a high fashion and artistic factor in her works, haute couture clothes, futuristic, circus, animals, body painting, elements of nature... But we only have Doutzen in a studio with a white background with a poorly combed hair and clean makeup millions of times every year!
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