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  1. Rebecca


    Stunning on DWTS! Thanks for the pics!
  2. Rebecca


    beautiful pictures, thanks for posting. Found an Official Petra like page on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petra-Nemcov...136640166401153 Seems to have some good and up to date pictures
  3. Rebecca


    Hey everyone, I was just on facebook an found Petra's official facebook page which looks like it's been recently set up! Looks like its posts up to date news and pics there too, so would be really cool to support Petra and her good works, its on this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petra-Nemcov...136640166401153 Or search Petra Nemcova Official in your facebook search bar! Theres also a Happy Hearts Fund facebook page too
  4. Rebecca


    Congratulations to Petra!! She will be a beautiful bride!
  5. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures!
  6. Thanks for all the pics Nefertiti! Estella Warren shopping in Hollywood (03.10.09).
  7. Some Michael News: Three months after his death, Los Angeles prepares to put Michael Jackson to rest More than three months after he was killed by a lethal cocktail of anasthetic and sedatives, Michael Jackson was tonight due to be laid to rest in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. The private service for family and friends only, with press coverage limited to one pool photographer and one TV camera, was expected to begin at 7pm local time (3am BST). By this afternoon, police had set up a perimeter outside the cemetery, and the Federal Aviation Authority had restricted all flights
  8. Michael and Lisa Marie arrive at Heathrow Airport 1994: Look at the cute little bow in his ponytail in the second picture! :wub2:
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