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  1. Hey no hes not muslim hes a devote JW...hes living in bahrain which i guess is a muslim country? ..or i have bad bad georgraphy lol! ..but no this was a roumour a while ago and his publicist denied it....but his brother Jermain is muslim, he converted about 20 years ago
  2. hiya yeh she has to lose i think its 40lbs and shes lost around 20 so far...and her first single comes out at the beginning of april, so i hope she does it!
  3. does any1 have any more pics i love her!! ^^and i agree, shes a wonderful actress and even thou some movies havent been that big, they do show off some of her wondeful underrated acting such as the movie 'Fear'
  4. here r some recent pics of her lol ...she has distorted eating, i feel bad for her its an edating disorder, basically when she has projects out..like an album she diets, but to the point where she is anorexic and she refuses to eat...but when the projects over she becomes depressed and she binge eats daily
  5. i love michael lol ..ill post more soon ..check out my Janet Thread too!!!!
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