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  1. one of those guys in the pics with her is Pedro Andrade... http://www.myspace.com/thepedroandrade
  2. Sam Worthington Sam Worthington Sam Worthington Sam Worthington Sam Worthington
  3. jewel_cxs

    Megan Fox

    well, I thought we were here to talk about her and her career and her public life... I didn't know we were here only to post pictures of her...cause that's boring... anyway, if we are not supposed to talk about her, then we shouldn't be talking about her pregnancy rumours or wedding either... let's just post all the pics we find!
  4. jewel_cxs

    Megan Fox

    oh wow, her forehead is so shiny!
  5. jewel_cxs

    Megan Fox

    damn...she used to look so cute with those freckles... and those new lips...please! anyone can see they're fake! they look like Sophie MonkĀ“s lips :yuckky: now she looks really old...shame on you Megan! :yuckky:
  6. jewel_cxs

    Megan Fox

    what happened to her mouth? Janice Dickinson? :yuckky:
  7. http://www.popsugar.com/Pictures-Gisele-8656495?page=0,0,0
  8. Sam in Las Vegas last night...
  9. WOW!!! sexy!! what movie is this?!
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