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North vs South; The Americas Edition.

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North vs South; The Americas Edition.


(because Captain America always deserves a gif)


Hey everyone! Here's the new competition I hinted at. :chicken: 

Since we all know who the Best Asian model is (and I know soon we will get to know the new Best European model), why don't we declare the Best North and South American model(s)?

I know that everyone is always saying that it's always an American model who wins in competitions, but who is really the Best American model?



- You can nominate as many models as you want (don't exaggerate, give all the members a chance to nominate).

- I'm gonna accept 64 models from North America and 64 from South America. If we get more noms, I can accept more for both as long as it's an equal number.

- In your nominations, please specify which America they're from. You can either put (NA) or (SA) next to the names, or divide them into two colums.

- I'm gonna accept models who were born and raised in America. Models who have a different nationality even though they were born in America are not allowed. If you need help, you can check listal.com and check their "country of origin/born and residing in" section.

- North America: Canada, USA and Mexico + islands. South America: all of the countries underneath Mexico.

- No need to look for pictures, I'll personally do it.



- The first phase will have a rating system, after that it's a (Victoria's) secret. :rofl: 




North America:

1. Abby Champion
2. Alejandra Guilmant
3. Alyssa Ali
4. Amanda Yu
5. Amber Davis
6. Annie Morrissey
7. Ashley Marie Dickerson.
8. Barrett Taylor Sharpe
9. Baskin Champion
10. Bella Hadid
11. Cameron Rorrison
12. Camille Kostek
13. Carmella Rose
14. Cassie Amato
15. Celine Farach
16. Chandler Bailey
17. Chanel Postrel
18. Charlie Schroeder
19. Charly Jordan
20. Christen Harper
21. Colleen Cole
22. Dana Taylor
23. Effy Harvard.
24. Elizabeth Turner
25. Elizabeth Wood
26. Emily Didonato
27. Emily Ratajowski
28. Erin Michelle Cummins
29. Gigi Hadid
30. Gillian Nation
31. Grace Elizabeth
32. Hailey Clauson
33. Hannah Ferguson
34. Hannah Jeter
35. Hayley Kalil
36. Jamea Lynee
37. Jasmine Tookes
38. Jessica Clements
39. Jessica Felter
40. Jessica Nazarenus
41. Josie Lane
42. Juliana Herz
43. Kara Del Toro
44. Kari Riley.
45. Karlie Kloss
46. Kate Upton
47. Lexi Wood
48. Lily Aldridge
49. Lily Easton
50. Maddie Teeuws.
51. Madeline Ford
52. Madisyn Menchaca
53. Maggie Rawlins
54. Marina Laswick
55. Martha Hunt
56. McKenna Berkley
57. Millie Hannah
58. Monica Ollander
59. Naressa Valdez
60. Olivia Brower.
61. Priscilla Huggins Ortiz.
62. Rachell Vallori.
63. Raquel Milla
64. Raven Lyn.
65. Samantha Gradoville.
66. Sarah Simmons.
67. Scarlett Leithold.
68. Taylor Bryant.
69. Taylor Marie Hill.
70. Vanessa Moody.
71. Victoria Lynn Myers
72. Xian Mikol.
73. Yovanna Ventura.



South America:

1. Adriana Lima.
2. Adriana Mora.
3. Agnes Pimentel.
4. Alana Felisberto.
5. Alessandra Ambrosio.
6. Aline Weber
7. Ana Beatriz Barros.
8. Anna Avila.
9. Anna Luiah.
10. Anne De Paula.
11. Barbara Fialho.
12. Bruna Lirio.
13. Camilla Marone.
14. Carolina Sanchez.
15. Caroline Trentini
16. Catalina Otalvaro.
17. Cindy Mello.
18. Cintia Dicker.
19. Daiane Sodre.
20. Daniela Braga.
21. Daniela Lopez Osorio
22. Daniela de Jesus
23. Denise Schaefer
24. Elisandra Tomacheski
25. Emanuela De Paula.
26. Emma Gerstner.
27. Fernanda Liz.
28. Flavia Lucini.
29. Gabriela Salles.
30. Gisele Bundchen.
31. Gizele Oliveira.
32. Gracie Carvalho.
33. Ignacia Fernandez.
34. Isabeli Fontana.
35. Isabella Martini
36. Izabel Goulart.
37. Jessica Balsaneli
38. Josefina Cisternas.
39. Juliana Nepomuceno.
40. Kamila Hansen.
41. Katherine Henderson.
42. Lainara Araujo
43. Lais Oliveira Navarro.
44. Lais Ribeiro.
45. Leticia Abellan.
46. Leticia Vigna.
47. Lini Kennedy Oliveira.
48. Lisiane Witt.
49. Luiza Freyesleben.
50. Luma Grothe.
51. Mariana Padoan.
52. Mariangela Bonanni.
53. Marianne Fonseca.
54. Marina Nery.
55. Michelle Xavier.
56. Milagros Pineiro.
57. Nadina Vallina.
58. Natalya Cabral.
59. Rafaella Consentino.
60. Rayanne Bitancourt.
61. Renata Calheiros
62. Rosmary Altuve.
63. Samara Faust.
64. Samile Bermannelli.
65. Sara Orrego.
66. Sara Vidal.
67. Simone Villas Boas.
68. Sofia Resing.
69. Sofia Reynal.
70. Thais Oliveira.
71. Trinidad de la Noi.
72. Veridiana Ferreira.
73. Veronica Zappolo.


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@peroxideblonde's nominations:

Naressa Valdez
Juliana Herz
Hannah Ferguson
Chandler Bailey
Raven Lyn

Rachell Vallori


Mariangela Bonanni
Lais Ribeiro
Lini Kennedy Oliveira
Fernanda Liz
Sofia Resing
Gizele Oliveira
Cintia Dicker


My noms:

Jessica Nazarenus.

Olivia Brower.

Ashley Marie Dickerson.

Maddie Teeuws.

Kari Riley.

Effy Harvard.


Cindy Mello.



----- ADDED

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Rafaella Consentino

Sara Orrego

Daniela Lopez Osorio

Denise Schaefer

Natalya Cabral



Christen Harper

Celine Farach

Jasmine Tookes

Sarah Simmons

Yovanna Ventura

Cassie Amato



----- ADDED

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Taylor Marie Hill
Lily Aldridge
Charly Jordan
Carmella Rose
Lexi Wood
Bella Hadid
Gigi Hadid
Marina Laswick
Karlie Kloss
Emily Didonato
Martha Hunt
Grace Elizabeth
Vanessa Moody

Veridiana Ferreira
Alessandra Ambrosio
Adriana Lima
Isabeli Fontana
Ana Beatriz Barros
Luma Grothe
Izabel Goulart
Bruna Lirio
Flavia Lucini
Barbara Fialho



----- ADDED

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Oh this is a brilliant Comp Losty. U make awesome Comps. Am I understanding this correctly, it's a Latin Americans v. American models Comp?


If so here r my nominations

Kara Del Toro
Erin Michelle Cummins


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Maggie Rawlins

Amanda Yu

Elizabeth Wood

Abby Champion

Samantha Gradoville



Lais Oliveira

Carolina Sanchez

Daiane Sodre

Gracie Carvalho

Daniela Braga




----- ADDED

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Sounds great! :ddr::ddr::ddr:




Emily Ratajowski

Renee Murden

Celine Farach

Alyssa Ali

Hannah Jeter

Kate Upton :whistle:




Cintia Dicker

Simone Villas Boas

Tall, black with the long neck. (Seriously can't think of the name)

Camilla Marone

Catalina Otalvaro




----- ADDED

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Hailey Clauson

Jessica Clements

Priscilla Huggins Ortiz

Barrett Taylor Sharpe

Dana Taylor

Alejandra Guilmant



Sofia Reynal

Rayanne Bitancourt

Jessica Balsaneli

Adriana Mora

Katherine Henderson

Milagros Pineiro



----- ADDED

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SA -

Nadina Vallina
Michelle Xavier

Lisiane Witt 

Ignacia Fernandez

Leticia Vigna

Agnes Pimentel

Anna Luiah

Daiane Sodre

Mariana Padoan

Samara Faust

Leticia Abellan

Emma Gerstner


NA - Gillian Nation



----- ADDED

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Who was the Brazilian model that was in SI in the last few MJ woke years that has fake boobs and dark hair?

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