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Very skinny models

Ann Mary

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their just saying it so they dont get any flack from the press. BMI is a terrible judge of healthy beacause so many things can throw it off and you can still be ana and have a good bmi. It can change all based on your muscle mas and the weight of your bones so BMI is not very cut and dry. The girls could of gained weight for the weigh in then lost it when they had to be on the runway.

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we know that they are photochopped we discussed this at the begining of the thread. A lot of them aren't however and its just wrong that they put this women on pedestools.

I'm not lying Snejana has a beautiful face but she has become the new poster girl for pro-ana's....she is all over utube and the net with people wanting to look like her. I would love to see a pic of her on the runway with her hips and ribs exposed im sure they would just pop right out. Her collar bone is just frightening and her eyes are dead.

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